Turn your Life around – GET UP NOW!

Hello World!

This is an self assurance and check blog! This blog will motivate you towards success so keep reading.

I will give you the secret to (not a happier) but a life with more freedom! It’s to earn more money! Money doesn’t earn you happiness, however, it definitely gives you the financial freedom of choosing your lifestyle.

Therefore, if you nag, complain and feel stuck! Then get up now because, you need to turn your life around. The only way to do that is to read, broaden your perception of life, gain more skills (both technical and people skills) and apply it towards building a future.

Envision your future! Decide if you would like a future focussed on family or future focussed on building a career. I know some of you are saying you can have both, sure, but you need a focus. You have to focus one to give it your best to succeed in it.

So for now, if relationships are complicated, or toxic or your partner doesn’t understand your struggle and journey then you need to leave that behind! You need to grind and plan.

Always remember, a vision without a plan is just a dream! To make it happen, you need to constantly learn and grow.

  • Invest in yourself, gain education/learn/apply
  • Invest your money on items that will pay you back 
  • Save your money (Those Gucci shoes will go out of style in less than a year)
  • Check where your money goes! Budget properly, that means taking taxes into consideration. 
  • Always strive to earn more! 
  • Ask for help


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