Make More Money

Hi World,

I am sorry! I know I keep saying I will post often but I fail with all that has been happening. However, my blog posts are never about failing. They are about embracing struggle and creating them into opportunities. These blogs have always been to motivate you at your lowest. Inform you of various techniques, technologies, balancing emotional and mental health.

I like to write and connect with everyone and share my learnings and experiences. Thank you for always showing support and subscribing to my other social media platforms.

2019 has brought me a lot of opportunities, learnings and, also struggle. The past year I have struggled with my father’s illness and struggled feeling stuck in a toxic relationship and trapped in stagnant work with no growth. Somehow, I managed to turn that mindset around and just focus on work. Work, work, and work. I learned new skills and networked to meet new professionals. This really turned things around for me! Focussing on learning new skills built my confidence.

Now I know what I need to succeed this new year or at least give it my best! If I don’t then I wouldn’t know if I could have made it.  Therefore, 2020 will be about making a lot of money!

Do not get me wrong! Money cannot buy happiness but one thing it does is give you that financial freedom to gain that happiness. The time to spend with your family and confidence to take care of yourself. It buys comfort!

I am dedicating this year towards learning new skills and building a portfolio!

This was a short one but this was a welcome post to the New Year! I want you to all succeed this new year so please don’t forget to share your journey with me and reach out with any questions about finances, IT,  Strategy, Marketing and Business!


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