Challenges in Lead Conversion

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I have been busy but I am back with a new post. Most of my followers on this blogs are independent consultants or small business owners.  I would like to share and define some easy conversion issues a business owner faces when converting leads.

Leads are crucial in today’s generation of business.  So what are the key factors you are able to manage lead conversion for your business?

One of the main challenge a business owner faces is the problem of a lot of leads but few conversions

I want you to take that in for second, overflowing leads but no real conversions.

Imagine the Toronto Real estate market. There are a lot of fresh graduates who WISHES to buy a property right now.  The Real estate market in Toronto is not selling a properties below the sale price $400,000 CAD in present time.  One of these many graduates starts looking for properties despite knowing that they cannot afford one at this time.

These graduates are definitely a potential lead however, not for the current market.  For a realtor this is a lead but there will be no conversion. Should the realtor keep spending time on this lead or should they just drop them?

Lead is a Lead

You cannot ever drop a lead but you can weed out your conversion and know which one to focus on by implementing a scoring mechanism.  You should be always scoring your leads to know which one has a high chance of conversion.

Leads need to be nurtured. As a business owner you have to maintain a positive relationship with your leads and probe for potential opportunities. Schedule follow up calls with you clients to see how they are doing and what they are working on for future opportunities.

Sales and marketing 

Sales and marketing are two different things. Your marketing plan should always align with your sales goal and sales funnel.  Create a process to convert more opportunities. This means you can offer new pricing strategies to your loyal customers.

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