Creative Visioning

Hello World,

I have some questions for you to think about today!

Did you ever have a crazy idea that you just could not follow through with? One of the reason being, you kept adding to the possibilities?  After a while this idea became overwhelming and it was just dropped. Then on to the next idea…

Step back a bit! What are you doing wrong? Why isn’t any of your great vision being fulfilled?

Take a moment think about it!

Have you shared your thoughts with anyone? 

Do they become too complex to share? 

Do you think you will be judged or not taken seriously if you shared? 

Do you feel someone else might take your ideas?



First step – speak about your idea! Tell people at a high level what your vision is.  Then get insight and feedback!

Second step – break it down! Place your idea in phases or steps… define the first step then define the next one.

Third step – organize the timeline! Meaning each step has to have a completion date attached to it.


I would love to hear an idea that is in your mind but you find to complex to complete.


Remember, you are amazing…

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Thank you,


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