Grateful – Mindfulness

Hello World,

Let’s practice Mindfulness for 5 minutes today.  Can we write down 3 things you are grateful for at this present time?  It can be anything!  I am grateful to still have my parents with me, I am blessed to have a supportive group of friends and I am happy, because I a platform to share my thoughts.

Now your turn! Let’s start doing this every night! Why?

We live in a disruptive world where we are always chasing something! Money, attention, career, family, love life, success, there is always something that you are chasing.  You weigh yourself against that “thing” and feel bad when you are not close to attaining the goal.  But, if you forecast everything and live in the future then you are basically letting go of your present time.  One day you will look back and say where did the time go and why haven’t I experience or missed somethings that were already there in my life.

That is the reason why I want you to practice gratefulness! Be positive and  grateful for everything and try to turn your negatives into positive. Remember perception is key.  The way you look at a situation can change the world!

Remember, you are amazing…

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