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Past Experiences…

Self doubt stems from what we have learnt about ourselves yet. Looking at our past is an important key to addressing conflicting issues.

What we were taught while we were younger, be it from our parents, guardians, and teachers, plays a crucial part in how we are today. Parents want to be a guide for the best of our future, however, sometime that very guidance may inflict our present self doubt.

As you were younger, you may have been told NOT to pursue to choose a certain path. Take a look at these scenario of a parent telling their children not to choose a career path because their negatives:

  • It’s too dangerous to become a fire fighter or a cop!
  • You can’t pursue to become an artist or writer, you won’t make any money!
  • Don’t waste your time on Medical school, you are just not smart enough!

“Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself.” ~Cicero

Too dangerous, not enough money/security and you are just not good enough!

These thoughts are manipulative. They come back when we are rejected from a goal we wanted to achieve. These negative thoughts can stop us from pursuing life goals we want to accomplish because we doubt being adequate.

We always want to be a perfect fit, if we don’t fit then we are judged.

We think we are not good enough to live the life we dream.  Self-doubt prevents us from many opportunities that come our way. It’s always there holding us back. Many job seekers doubt their capabilities and don’t apply to the position they are a perfect match for. The message is to live a social norm and or as a mediocre.

But if you really put your mind to it, this is toxic! How do you know you are not good enough, if you don’t try?!

When you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.” ~Honore de Balzac

If you have been rejected, and are letting go of other prospects because you still feel that you aren’t adequate, STOP Right there!

Give yourself a bit of time and then assess why you are feeling self doubt. If you feel you are not good at a skill, then let’s put in work to attain that skill. Contact me! I’ll guide you through the process. 

You can’t pass opportunities just because you failed once or twice, remember positive affirmation; Risk – Is it Scarier taking a Risk or Not taking One? … If you are not good at something now that does not mean you won’t get better at it in the future.

Anyone can get good at something with the correct self belief and determination.

What you tell yourself is important! If you tell yourself that you won’t make it then you won’t! I believe you, because that’s what you believe. You are setting yourself for failure just by that negativity. But if you think positive, and speak positive then I believe you too!

The talk should be, okay well I failed this time but I will learn and get better which will change things. You are as good as what you believe, so let’s get working!

The Judgmental losers…

They don’t exist in a large number! Yes, they are a few of these judgmental losers who would look at you and say, hmm why are you doing what you are doing! These people are only saying that since they can’t get themselves to pursue their own dreams. Hence, they have a lot of time on their hand.

Stop worrying about these people! Most people don’t care! They have their own lives to worry about, their own dreams, aspiration, career goals and stress. They are more worried about how to start their day, that month end deadline at work, coming home and cooking dinner and spending time with their loved ones.

Set an example for these people, if they are judging, let them do it! Prove them wrong! You will be more appreciated for trying and trying then to sit back and live the same boring life as everyone else.

How to over come Self -Doubt…

  1. Fix your mindset – You got rejected? So is he, and so is she…we all have. But we don’t give up!
  2. Positive affirmation – You Are MORE than good enough!
  3. When you are feeling self doubt, unwind a bit! Give yourself time to relax and enjoy some quality time. This will give you some to get your thoughts aligned again.
  4. Evaluate why you are feeling self doubt – why do you feel you are not good enough and what can you do to become good?
  5. Write it down! Where is your Journal? Write down, why you are feeling self doubt and the positives steps you will be taking.
  6. Read Motivational articles – You need motivation and their are plenty of people who felt and been where you are. Read how they over came self doubt.
  7. You don’t have to do it alone! Find family and friends to talk about your self doubts. Most of the time we over evaluate and exaggerate the situation in our mind. Our loved ones can bring things back to perspective for us. Don’t worry, they will not judge you!

Remember, you are amazing…

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