Adaptability – Your Biggest Competitive Advantage

Hello World,

We should all adapt and become more resilient…

In today’s day and age we all need to be a little more resilient, what do you think?

Not being able to adapt proves to be a BIG disadvantage in today’s day time. Whether be it business, technology, relationships, everything is changing all around us. If we are not keeping up with our time then failure is waiting for us at our door steps!

Comfort Zone, what a sweet place?

Comfort zone is killer! Comfort zone is not letting you progress! Comfort zone is your worst enemy!

Comfort zone is stopping us from adapting to change! Come on even dating has changed; I remember some time back when some of you use to complain and say, No! I won’t go on a dating site, it’s for losers! Now tell me how many of you have Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Coffee meets Bagel and the list goes on?

However, if you had still kept that same old mentality as you had few years back about getting on a dating app/site then you are not keeping up with the change. The world will change but you would not progress.

Adapt with time people! Upgrade yourself and read more!

With the same idea of dating in mind, if you held on to your old mentality of just waiting for the right person at the right time, then let me tell you something, the last Tinder statistic update estimated 50 million users. This means that many users are taking their shots at finding a partner while, you are not progressing!


Why is it hard to step out of the “Comfortable”?

Because yet again, we are afraid of the unknown. Uncertainty scares us. We are good where we are, saves us from being judged, facing failure and avoiding disappointment. However, it also stops us from progress! 

A HR Generalist evaluates your candidacy on your ability to adapt to the work place. They look for the following,

  • Handling emergencies or crisis situations
  • Handling work stress
  • Solving problems creatively
  • Dealing effectively with unpredictable or changing work situations
  • Learning work tasks, technologies, and procedures
  • Demonstrating interpersonal adaptability
  • Displaying cultural adaptability
  • Demonstrating physically oriented adaptability

Adaptability comes only after you have mastered the skill of being resilient.  We have to change our mindset to become more optimistic.

Lay offs happen frequently and if that has happened to you, what would be your immediate action to that repercussion? An adaptable person will have a quick Plan A and a Plan B to that unexpected situation. A resilient person will bounce back right away to put Plan A and B to work right away.

Prepare for the worst…

Businesses are always changing and growing by collaborating with other businesses. Businesses use point of sale systems and adaptive data mining applications to collect information to forecast trends. Lightly speaking, Nokia failed to forecast Apples advanced technology innovation. Blockbuster refused to change and adapt to new world of digital on demand television aka Netflix. To adapt and grow, you always have to be on top of the trend. Hence, you need some sort of a personal trend analysis which will help you adapt to change quickly.

What to do?

Do your Research! Study your market! Think out of the box! Push yourself a little! Be more optimistic and open minded. Set small goals towards the change every day and make sure there is check mark beside them every night. Learn how to forecast, try to predict what might go wrong, and brainstorm Plan A, B and C. Don’t be afraid to fail…

Always Remember Failure is only Failure if you didn’t learn anything from it. 


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