What does being Established mean to you?

Hello World,

What does being established mean to you as a person?  In social norm, it can be a lot of things, successful job, a lot of money, a lot of property, a great relationship, etc.  Establishment is always labeled as an achievement of some sort and when you don’t have it on a socially accepted time-frame or age, then you are marked as a failure.  However, do you believe that?

I have always thought of myself as an over achiever.  I never took the path everyone usually followed.  I always did my own research to find out more and learn about all situation and used that as my guide and mentor.  However, at times I feel the things I have achieved made me fall behind on a some segments of my life.  I just couldn’t keep up.

That’s when I fall under the comparison trap of, “oh that person has more than me! Or that person is happier than because of XYZ”.  Unfortunately, this a form of jealousy that happens everyone time to time.  We victimize ourselves and create self-pity.

It is unfortunate but we all create this miserable state for ourselves in our heads.  We talk down, on our own selves?! When you read that line does it not make you feel like you are wasting time?  I know, it’s a sad coping mechanism and I also know we can’t help feeling that way at that very instant. Your thinking pattern and or behavior is a product of your state of mind.

However, we need to learn how to snap out of it quick.  It’s a waste of time thinking about others achievement while you can create a guide to start building your own success.

Trust me! All the achievements I have earned at the age of 24 matters to me but doesn’t sound as prized as it once did when I achieved it.  My colleagues and friends have reached up to it after 4 years.  In other words, the significance of my age does not matter anymore as it did back then.  And same applies to you!  Your age does not matter and you can achieve all your goals at any age.  The accomplishment you put work towards will slowly get you to a fulfilling happy destination.

“To wish you were someone else is to waste the person you are.” ~Sven Goran Eriksson


We often make the mistake of comparing ourselves to our closest ones.  Then we compare ourselves to people we don’t even know like bloggers and influencers.  However, have you realized that we do not compare ourselves to the filthy wealthy, Justin Beiber or Drake.  It’s easier to find someone or was on the similar path as us and say, “why don’t I have what they have?” and the answer to that is grass always looks greener on the other side.  Everyone has their own struggles they don’t vulnerably display in front of every one.  Just like you don’t!  Just like how your Instagram is just all the good photographs of you and your journey.

Don’t try to copy others.  It’s a waste of time!  Yes, mimic people you want to be like, ask for help, do research and get a mentor.  Don’t sit around and think about others success while you can be working on your own!

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