Organize Your Mind – For the overly Ambitious

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Back at it again!  I have been reading a book Daniel J. Levitin wrote, The Organized Mind.  Honestly, pick it up and read it.  It is not a national bestseller for any reason.  This book made me realize how I am training my brain all wrong when it comes to utilizing my memory.

We forget things and we use it as an excuse to not complete tasks or prolong tasks.  However, the way I look at the world, we have so much to do yet so little time.  I am always behind.  I need more time added to my 24 hours of getting my goals done.


What does this create?  Stress and anxiety! 

& what does that lead to?  Future health issues, such as dementia.


Therefore, I am causing harm to myself without acknowledging the consequences.  I am working hard, being delusional in hopes of achieving more yet getting less work completed.


How do I help myself? How do you I remember important things, keep my mind organized, and not burn out at the same time?


Here is the trick! Create a mind map.  I wrote about the visual map during one my first MBA courses. Please click: mind map  for the link. This step-by-step guide is of visualizing your goals.  Seeing your goals visually helps you remove the clutter and to focus on the clear picture.

Write it down! Here is a trick that works for me the best, write every important thing down.  In addition to that, use the hand that you do not use to write your notes down.  Why do I say this?  Because, your brain remembers unusual tasks, if you don’t usually use your left hand to write, then your brain will register that and you will remember it easily.

Learn it with interest!  First, you have to learn the material well and thoroughly, don’t just read it and memorize it.  Concurrently, you are required to enjoy what you are learning.  This way you will remember the information no matter what.

Keeping the last to suggestions in mind, learning the information with interest, you need to teach it to yourself and or someone else.  Why do I say teach it to yourself?  In order to teach the information to yourself you need to practice having dialogues with yourself about the topic.  You can relate the topic back to information that correlates to a significant story or journey close to you or you read about.  You can also have the same dialogue with others. This will definitely increase your confidence about the subject and help you recall it later on.

Keep yourself healthy!  Work your entire body including your brain.  Reading, writing, crossword puzzle, anything that makes your brain a bit tired.

Focus! Your mind is a clutter.  Take this for instance, when some people are at work the mind shifts to focusing too much on what they need accomplish to when they get back home.  However, when they reach home the opposite happens, they start thinking about what they need to have done at work.  Why is this wrong?  Because, both the effort at home and at work will be half-hearted and half done.  The 100% will never be there due to lack of focus.  This is the reason why we need to organize our brain and create segments to put emphasis one thing at a time.

Hence, create a short list of,

  • Do it
  • Delegate it
  • Defer it
  • Drop it

Above, is how you roll my friend!  Prioritize and organize your task to keep your workflow going. Remove unwanted clutter from your brain.  Keep your mind in peace at one place and be there completely with your mind, rather than jumping ahead of what needs to be done next.

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