I need Sleep to Increase Productivity –  For the Workaholics

I just learned procedural memory is learnt through REM sleep.  Ah who ever knew! Well, I didn’t! That’s why I am here to share and increase your productivity.  My sleep pattern has been terrible lately. I have been working round the clock, 10 things going through my brain and I have to get everything done!

However, come to realize that would be sloppy job done on all my assignments and goals because there is no focus on my part!  I can’t concentrate and I am getting distracted! I start procrastinating because, I just can’t recall the information as quickly as I am supposed to! That’s trouble! I am already low on time!

Most importantly, whatever I learnt a day before, I can’t remember and apply to my daily work because I am not letting the information set as I am not getting enough sleep.

A lot, of entrepreneurs / go-getters will take pride in the fact that they get 4 hours of sleep.  It signifies to them that they are busy and they get a lot done.  In fact, it is false validation.  They are probably getting work done but are they of quality?

Quality matter people! Quality is everything! It creates a standard for business and you can charge more per your quality of work! 

When you sleep you are actually increasing your chance of productivity and quality of work for the next day. Getting about 7.5 hours of sleep helps you strengthening  of neural connections. You are digesting the information you have learnt through-out the day(s), storing it for reapplication for the future.  When you don’t sleep, the information you want to recall for the future will get diluted.  You won’t be able to recall it as quickly or completely lose it in memory.

The idea is as simple as your daily workout session! When you work-out the entire week, it’s recommended that you add in a rest day.  This is because your muscles need to repair in order to be ready for the next work-out session.  If you don’t take this rest day or any rest days then you will burn out.  Burn out! Yes, that happens to us at work! We burn out when we don’t take a vacation, hence we will definitely burn out when we don’t get enough sleep.

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