Purpose of Life is a Gimmick

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What is the purpose of life?  This is such a heavy and depressive question once you dive deep into it.  The conclusion always ends up at no purpose in life, we are all ticking time bomb, victim of daily routine until the end of our time. Such a sad way of looking at the entire journey of life, but it’s the truth and made me depressed for a life.

I felt cheated!  I found out that there is actually no purpose of life, everything else presented was a gimmick.  There are no light on the other side of the tunnel and there is no magic or miracle waiting to happen.  I realized with that thought process in mind, I started performing poorly! Almost gave up on my goals and vision because, I did not know why I was working so hard or doing any of it.

Then I realized that it is all about perspective.  The way I was thinking about life and end was very negative.  My outlook was killing me faster than I want to die.  What I did was I focused too much on the ending versus my drive. The purpose of life is partially survival and mostly the journey to your end goal.  Purpose of life is always looked as some cosmic power or the solution to achieve the ultimate inevitable happiness or even immortality (what?).  There isn’t any cosmic power or discovery waiting to happen, referencing to many of bullshit articles!

Life is very simple, you are one out of 7.2 billion.  Dogs and cats are living things too, they don’t sit their and ponder their purpose of life.  To find the purpose we need to solve a problem.  My problem is given in the first paragraph, the idea that I am on a routine and then end will one day hit without any important accomplishments, which will be fulfilling to my soul.  Hence, the focus of life is setting certain goals and accomplishing it.  In other words, solving problems!

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, you can’t go solve all the problems in the world or every conflict of your life.  Therefore, you need to pick 5 important (for now), which you can divert your focus towards.  The five goals have to be a breakdown of where you want to be in life.  These five goals should include, personal goals, career goals, health goals, and one goal towards a cause you believe in where you help the world.  Hence, you are creating purpose for survival.  All of your goals will come together and work towards your well-being, mental piece, and fulfillment.

Always remember, you need to do everything in moderation, you need to take risks and you need discover yourself by putting yourself in difficult situations. Last, but not least you need to learn and keep learning for self-improvement and growth and share what you have acquired to the world in order for fulfillment and purpose.

I work hard every day towards my goals.  I learn something new every day.  I have found my peace in what the important things I focus on that brings me happiness.

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