Manage Multiple Tasks and Projects in Life

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It has been a while but I am back once again!  Clearly, I am the one who is not managing the blog posts tasks on time and as planned.  I struggle and deal with multiple projects and tasks every day of my life.  There is hardly enough time to complete all of them in a day.  Which means the tasks are pushed to the next day and then the next and then the next day.  What am I doing wrong? Oh right, I am not tracking them!
You know what else happens when I don’t track my tasks?   I estimate a made up time the task can / will be done and go straight back to the dirty art of procrastination.  That ugly word is a waste of life when you have a lot on your plate.  It does not help and it definitely slows you down.

Because I feel I am overwhelmed, I literally turn on some Cardi B, watch YouTube videos until the last minute, and do a sloppy job on the task.  This is terrible advice for a Goal Digger like me, and a Goal Digger like YOU!

Now if you are not a procrastinator and you manage your task well then you know the three main key factors of managing multiple project and tasks.  Prioritize, plan and delegate!

PrioritizeWhich project/task take more time and resource?  Which one is more pressing?  What is the due date.  Can’t do everything at once.  Set time blocks and start!

Create focusYes, don’t procrastinate.  Some people can turn on music and get work done while I need a quiet place.  Get that block of work that you segmented done and just focus on one task at a time.  This way you will see progress.

PlanWhen you have multiple projects you can’t just go with the flow.  Create a plan.  Break your tasks down. My favorite word of all time “Research”.  I have apt research skills (use my Business Solution 101 link and contact me).  But yes, minus my self-branding, you have to research and answer some initial questions to segment your project and put in a life cycle.

DelegateI know in personal tasks you cannot use this method but for business if you have resources then delegate your work.  Some people think they can do everything on their own, let me tell you, you will get nothing done! Trust others and delegate your work.

However, the most important resource that they don’t tell you is to get an organization tool!  You must write your tasks down.

Use a planner, use sticky notes, use Trello, it’s FREE! I use Trello every day and it really keeps me on track of how much time I need to spend on each task in order to fulfill them in a day.  It’s a great tool to check your task off as you complete them.

To summarize, you have to prioritize, create focus, plan, and delegate. Not procrastinate!  You must write your task down for a visual representation of what will be and has been completed.

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