Motivation Letter – Struggle of Hustle

Hello World,

I just wanted to come and share my motivation speech today! Some days you will be ultra-motivated and some-days that motivation will slow you down.  You will feel like you are out of time.  You will feel that you are failing more than you are gaining.  Times would be hard.  However, that is a part of life.

Just sit for a while. Think about it for a bit. Think of the bad times you are facing right now. But think of it as a challenge.  If you are facing a bad time then don’t give up! You have to combat it! Yes, maybe you are facing a tough time compared to others. But hold on a second, why are you comparing to begin with! This is your battle, your struggle, your hustle!

Just sit for a while. Take it all in! Maybe some situations are hard to combat but the struggle that situation teaches you is worth it. You are strong! You can do it! You can keep going, keep fighting, keep achieving! May be you won’t get to your result today but you will if you work on it every single day!

It’s all in your mind and you have to always keep your mindset in a positive light. It will all be okay.

Thank you,


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