Intentions are Cheap

Hello World,

You may find this funny but I actually found the phrase “intentions are cheap” from a Harvard Business Review article about strategy while working on my MBA assignment. Even in business, intentions are cheap.

I want to ask you about your feelings towards this phrase. How do you feel about this idea?

When someone forgets to get a gift for you on your birthday but really wanted to, you would say something polite back to him or her, “it was the intention that mattered!” But, in reality, No it didn’t!  Because, INTENTIONS are CHEAP and you cannot verify some ones intent!

This applies to your everyday goal settings as well. You intent on losing 10 pounds, but sorry even Harvard Business Review are challenging your intentions.  Intentions do not mean anything until you process it.  Even when you start testing your intentions, other obstacles/situations/issues=–you name it, may arise while you are applying your goals to challenge your initial intent.  When you test your goals, you realize that they need modifications along the way.

Your initial intent never remains and you learn along the way. This idea helps you combat fear.  Some people have many goals and intentions; however, they never process them due to fear.  Now that you know your intentions grow as you apply them, why should you fear?  Either way, you are creating a learning opportunity for yourself.

Therefore, I want you to just go for your desires and work hard. If you have, “intentions” then let’s bring them to reality.

I hope you are following my 5 power goal steps to complete your ultimate goal while getting your short term goals done TODAY!

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