How to Track your FIVE Power Goals

Hello World

I have been ranting about this Five Power Goal daily gain towards your final goal since a few days now.  I want you to really incorporate it in your everyday routine.  Yes, I expect you to wake up in the morning, be grateful, and start your day by listing Five important things that needs to be completed today! Yes, TODAY!

Hold on a second! This list is not your grocery list or your shopping list.  This is list should be helping you obtain a future goal.  This list is a bigger goal segmented into pieces.

For example, you want to start your own Salon business.  Okay great!  What is the first thing you need to determine?

  • Maybe researching the area you want the Salon to be located?
  • Researching the competition in the area?
  • Finding people with skills that you require for your Salon?
  • Finding suppliers for the equipment and products for your Salon?
  • Registering the Business?

The list will be never ending but I want you segment one goal of yours into five parts every day. However, the catch is that you have to achieve these segmented goals every day.  You can’t leave it incomplete so be mindful of time.

Let’s start with a goal today and not procrastinate for once!



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