Super Bowl 2018

Hello World,

You know my blogs are about your Goals, Motivation, Marketing, Business, Lifestyle, and Psychology…it’s a mix of who I am. I am here to gain insight and teach you my techniques and teachings over the years.

But Google wants me to write to you about Super Bowl 2018 today. Now, I don’t know any thing about Super Bowl so I will not waste your time.

In a Digital Marketing term this is called cloaking. You know when you go to a YouTube page and they have all the “Click Bait” Captions and Thumbnails? Yes, exactly that! But I am not about that. I like to write about what is meaningful to me.

When you do something without passion they don’t turn out as sweet. They often lack engagement. Engagement is a very important term when it comes to Digital media and marketing. We depend on engagement a great deal. A golden engagement takes authenticity.

I want to know if you are always your Authentic self? I want to know if you know how to be your authentic self. Authenticity is a crucial part of success in life.

Please feel free to connect with me. I am interested in hearing from you 🙂


Let’s connect!

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