Motivation for your Goals

Hello World,

This is a follow up to my last blog! So if you haven’t read it yet, there here it is for you …

My last blog was about setting FIVE short power goals daily to help you achieve your ultimate goal.  I just completed my first goal, which was one of my MBA project that is due tomorrow.  The Funny thing is I was having trouble starting the project!  However, the rule of the FIVE Power goals is to getting it done—that means you cannot slack.

I had to start my first Power Goal today and I did not feel like it. I was procrastinating and shifting my mind towards other unimportant tasks.  Then I looked at my FIVE Power goals and thought, if I wait any longer than I cannot move on to my next task.  Without a choice, I started my project.  After half an hour, I began to actually enjoy what I was learning.  I kid you not; I ended up contributing more than I thought I would today.  This actually freed up time for other tasks on hand.

I am actually feeling good about my first task for the day.  I am way ahead of time, I contributed more, and since I was enjoying the material, I ended up producing quality product.

The Five Power Goal golden rule of getting it done really motivates you to move forward and keep achieving.  Knowing that I have done a good job on my first goal has me pumped up to completing all my other goals for the day.

If you have to do something today then don’t wait on it. Don’t think of how to perfect it.  Just start!  Always remember, it’s not about perfection, it’s about GETTING IT DONE!

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