How to Keep Moving with your GOALS

Hello World,

Yes, I am a busy bee. I love to write and just speak my heart out but I have a lot to do, one being my MBA! Now, on this sleepless night. I would like to speak to you about effective goal setting techniques. Why do we need effective goal setting techniques? Because it helps us moving forward.

True to the name of this blog, you need to learn how to not GIVE UP on your goals.

How do you stay motivated? You have to take your goals and strategize it! You have to make it a habit and you can only make something a habit if you practice it everyday. You have to take your goal and automate it to your every day so it becomes a habit.

Now that’s not as easy as said. Many people make new years resolution and fail on the second day. This is because there is no reminder, they are not held accountable if they don’t complete the task. Hence, at the end there is no motivation to complete the task.

That means we have to create accountability. And here is how we will do that! This seems simple but this also needs to be practiced every day. In the morning every day I would like you to keep a Notebook to write down your 5 Power goals for the day!

No not just any goals! It can’t be doing groceries – that’s not a goal, it’s a task! I want you to segment your goals, break it down.

Example: Long term – I would like to own a shop. This is a broad long term goal that needs many short term goals before I get to this goals.

Therefore, my Power 5 goals for today can be –

1. Conduct Research on (Blank)

2. Research Suppliers, find top 10 suppliers

3. Email top 10 suppliers

4. Research mentors on LinkedIn

5. Write an Email Template for the mentors / a Pitch for my future Shop

That’s it. Keep it simple but make sure the list is completed today! So tomorrow, you can add to the list and not holding off tasks you didn’t complete. You only  progress if the tasks are completed daily. You only see results if you practice daily.


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