Depressing Winter

Hello World,

I woke this morning to find that I have to shovel a pile of snow before going to work. On my way to work the roads were terrible and none of the cars were moving. So I had to take a U-turn and return home to work.

Now I am at home but it’s not all fun and games because I still have to work. I keep opening my fridge multiple times to grab snacks. I definitely eat a lot more in winter. I want to know how do you cope with your winter blues?

Stuck at home. No way of going out and enjoying the weather. No sun! Which means not happy! How do I turn this around?

Come to think of it, winter should be my most productive time. Since I don’t time for leisure things, I can get more work done. More projects to take on. Achievements will in turn equate to happiness (at least for me).

I self talked my way through that…


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