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Hello World,

Good news! Wait no, GREAT NEWS! I will be traveling soon! How exciting is that? Travel is my ultimate high! I love it and that’s all I want to do all the time. But like every one of you I am struggling with all the options being handed to me. There are so many places to go!

Since I have procrastinated on my plans, I have 3 days to make my itinerary but I am not sure where I am going yet! I need your help! You guys are awesome and I love receiving your ideas and suggestions, so keep sending me your thoughts and connect with me!

Now let’s problem solve! I am traveling at the end of February/Beginning of March and have short listed some beautiful places to visit. I am looking to travel to a sunny place and escape the brutal winter of Canada. I need a retreat and these places have been on my bucket list for the longest time. If you have visited these places then please provide your travel tips or suggest other places that you think I should visit!

Now here goes my list!

Cape Town, South Africa


Boracay, Philippines

Boracay Philipines

Honolulu, Hawaii


Turk and Ciaos

Turk and Ciaos

Costa Rica

Costa Rica.jpg

                If you are a travel bug like me then don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @dlaofficial_ and follow my blogs! I travel often and I love sharing my experiences.

So let me know your thoughts and ideas about the places I have selected! I noticed how hard it was to create an itinerary for travel from where I am sitting. Therefore, I will do the work and create an itinerary for you in these 3 days for each of the places I have selected so it makes your travel much easier!



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