Wedding Dress Consultant

Hello World,

To all my brides, I know what you are feeling! The wedding day anxiety and half of it revolves around if the dress will look good or not!

To find the perfect dress for your special day you need stand in front of the mirror and be true to yourself and figure out what compliments your body and all your curves. Yes, play a little say yes to the dress at home! Really think about what you want for that special day!

This may just be me but when it comes to fashion I like to keep things classy, time less and comfortable.

Yes, all three of these key things are required. Why? Classy because you don’t want to be turned to be a meme later on. Time less because its a milestone you are celebrating. Comfortable because you want to walk around/dance peacefully without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions.

The top half and the bottom skirt are the two most important things girls look for. I don’t like being a plain jane, hence I like my top to be a sweet heart neck with thorough details and I like the skirt very simple.

I have picked some favorites…

Keep me posted on what you like!


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