25 Negin Mirsalehi Bikini Goals for New Years

Hello World,

I don’t set resolutions for New Years because I believe in starting and organizing things now, right this very second. This year will be the same. It will be about upgrading my lifestyle, doing the things I love and starting now.

But I wanted to create a fun list of resolutions. Yes, these are things I would always come across, these are small fun side things I want to achieve. However, these items would always slip through because of my main priority list.

This year I’ve decided to make a list and I would like to start off with Negin Mirsalehi’s bikini collection. Can this be a resolution? Hell yes, I would like a collection of each and every single one of her Bikini’s she wears.

The Bikini’s are classy, sexy, detailed, fashionable and perfect for all moods! Looking at these pictures just makes me want to be on the beach somewhere.

They are all my favorite but I can’t choose one over the other. If you follow my social media, you know I am a big travel bug!

What do you think? Which one are your favorite?


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