Pandora Ring dilemmas

Hello World,

I finally got the ring I wanted!! A Pandora ring. The ring doesn’t mean anything. It’s not a commitment. It’s not a promise ring. It’s not for a milestone. It doesn’t solidify anything. But I received it because I wanted one.

I don’t wear many rings. Heck, I don’t wear any rings. But when I wore this one it made me feel a bit powerful. I felt a sense of validation. Few seconds later I felt a bit tied so I decided it looked better on my index finger rather than my ring finger.

Then few seconds later, I thought the the ring makes a great fashion piece and I will wear it time to time when ever I feel like it. Why am I feeling all this emotions? Well I have the answer for that too.

I wish the ring had a clarity letter attached to it. I wish it said something a long the lines of you received this because I felt like you deserved it rather than you received it because you asked for it. Now I am wearing a ring around without meaning.

I don’t wear rings so why I am wearing this around. Well first of all it’s Pandora so this beautiful piece is hard to take off. But other than that it lacks meaning. If I had bought it for myself it would have had more meaning than it has now.


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