My Delightful Christmas with a Shih Poo Dog

Hello World,

These are my midnight thoughts again! Typing away on my phone to share my gratefule experiences. This one is about my 4 day journey with Jeff, the 21 year old Beagle and Yogi, a 2 year old Shihtzu/Poodle.

Yes, this weekend I got a chance to babysit two dogs. If you know me at all then you know I love animals. Hence, I got very lucky this weekend with one spoiled young pups with a lot of energy and another very ill dog just looking for affection where ever he could find it.

Jeff, the old beagle is deaf. The pain in his eyes said it all. His back was disfigured and you can tell that he cries a lot. He is on 3 different medication that need to be mixed to his food. He can’t eat his food dry, they need go be mixed with wet food. If you end up giving him treats, (which he loves by the way), he will start coughing.

He was extremely friendly. He would always come to me and just randomly sit on my lap. But his front two legs were weak and he would have a hard time keeping his balance while sitting. He would whimper for food all the time but sadly we were not allowed to feed him more than twice.

It was heartbreaking to see him beg for attention. I figured that as he got older, the affection at home became lesser. It maybe because the people who take care of him are old themselves and or still treat him like he is self sufficient.

But we forget animals are just like humans. They require a lot of love, affection and attention. Unfortunately, on top of his physical pain, Jeff is also deaf. His disability made it seem as if he wanted to connect and share his miseries and needs with eye contact. His hopeless eyes and cry for attention really hurt my heart.

Then came my lil 2 year Yogurt bear. He literally looked like a bear. His parents left for vacation and hand us over a bunch of well written instructions to how to take care of Yogi. Yogi is a spoiled little to two year old.

Yogi bear was shy at first. But just like Jeff, he wanted the same love and affection. At first he was really shy. But within 2 hours he became very, very comfortable. He would not let me move anywhere alone and when ever I sat down, he fell asleep on my lap.

Yogi has a lot of energy. Wants to go for walks but at the same time snuggle in bed. When he got scared he would find me and hide behind my back for pretection. He really made my Christmas worthwhile. I fell in love with all the love that the baby was giving me.

I had told myself to achieve my goals, I need to put some stuff aside, for example raising a family or having babies. But Yogi, really is giving me time to think about this all over again. I really loved taking care of the two year old and it wouldn’t be bad to raise a family one day. I wouldn’t mind a lil trouble maker running around as soon as I come home.

Let me know how your Christmas went…


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