Hangover on other People’s Success

If you are hangover on someone else’s success than you are doing it ALL WRONG! Yes, you are living your life incorrectly. It’s called being envious. No, it’s not jealousy because you are not being cheated on! You are envious of someone because you wish you had what they had. And instead of making yourself productive, you are figuring out ways to harm their success.

I understand, it’s a sudden human reaction that you can’t escape from but you have to train yourself to not focus on petty things as such. People will outperform you and be better than you in certain parts in life. That doesn’t mean they are succeeding in all aspects. Life is a challenge for them as much as it is for you. A very successful CEO might be going through divorce, that’s an example of how different parts of our life varies when it comes to success.

Success is measured by what you consider success is. A housewife can find success in keeping the house clean and providing homework help to her kids who are performing really well in school. While a business person may base their success on growth, leads and referrals. Not everyone has the same goals in life. Therefore, you are not in competition with anyone. Your biggest competition is you!

Stop being envious of people. You can’t do anything to ruin anyone. Everyone is deserving of their own success and failures and it will happen per their time. However, you can take that very emotion and turn into motivation. A healthy competition in your mind. You can take that emotion and turn into coalition with your so called “enemy” because there is something that person is doing right to build success.

So what do you do? Reach out to them, congratulate them! Take them out for coffee and learn about what they had done to obtain that success. Learn from them and their mistakes. There is no hate involved here! Use this as a motivation. Work harder and smarter and tell yourself you have to reach their as well. You should focus on your material first before focussing on others. Focussing on others will just bring you down and waste your time. Time is money!

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