Toronto tonight and Christmas Wish List

Hello World,

First of all, this is my first time using the WordPress app, hence I am typing completely from my phone. The reason I am doing this is because it’s 1:13 am which means I have a lot on my mind but my body is not willing to reach out to my laptop. So I downloaded the app because I am in the mood to share.

I just wanted to appreciate the beauty of Toronto in this holiday season. The lights, the decorations and most of importantly the happy people. I love this season. Even under this cold, cold winter the raining snow feels warms my heart. Everything feels bright, happy and positive.

We forget and look past all our problems and spend the joyous time with our family and close ones. The warm kind gesture of gift giving and receiving are great ways to share delight.

What will I receive this Christmas? Hmm I have worked very hard this year so I know I am on Santa’s “nice” list. So I am hoping Santa drops a Pandora ring as stocking stuffer!

Since I am typing from my phone, I am not quite sure about the placement of this picture. But what do you think? I have new rose gold obssession with Pandora now. I think they make gift giving spectacular.

Aside from that, let’s not forget our warm hot chocolates from Tim Hortons. What would we do without Tims in cold winter days? Always at every side walk corner to save us getting cold.

I also want to appreciate all the charities and fundraiser trying to raise money for the homeless and children around this holiday season. They need warm clothing, toys and hugs and I have a lot of respect people who are working towards that goal. I share the same passion and would like to incorporate a project around helping the ones in need.

Thank you for reading my random thoughts. Please share your thoughts with me and stay connected,


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