Finding Stability in your Passion Project

Hello World,

Everyone needs motivation! Some are positive motivation that are backed by habits and some are derived from no way out situations. Most of my motivations were from no way out situations. This is because people get too comfortable in one way of living. They mistake stability for security. This is actually a very wrong idea.

Stability is not actually security, but it’s similar to a low risk investment. Low risk investments are safer however there is still the word “RISK” attached to it. Here are some examples; you are working 10 years at a stable position but one day you get a layoff notice. You are with your spouse for several years and you planned your entire life with them but then one day health gets in the way. You plan on checking off all your bucket list items after retirement but health gets in the way again or other financial strains lock you down. These are the hidden cost of low risk investments. Low risks means no long term fulfillments.

I am not saying go waste all your savings on high risks stocks! Don’t do that unless you have the means. I am saying, forecast your future and invest more than one stable way. Use your stability as motivation to gain other securities. You have one stable source? That’s great! Now create other sources! I know, I know, here is where I help you answer your next question, where do you start?

It’s hard for some people to find passion because they never had the chance or someone to make them recognize that they excel in it. You start by listing down everything you are good at. You are good at math? You are good art? You are good at sewing? You are good at speaking? You are good at photography? What are you good at? I want you to highlight your top one or three things you are amazing at.

Now I want you to take one of your top 3 that appeal to you the most and really think about how you will develop this. You can enhance your learnings by taking free courses online or researching online. You can reach out to others who actually work on that same project. No matter how simple the project is, network to find out more. Don’t act like you are a “Know it all!”

When you have sufficient research about the topic and knowledge of what’s trending in the market. I want you to devote at least one hour every day doing case studies, or creating samples of the project. Yes, that’s right, every day! I know you don’t have time, you have to take care of work, kids, family, school, kitchen, chores, cat, dogs, husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, mom, dad, grandma, parties, laundry and the never ending list of life. However, I want you to make some time to devote one hour for creativity.

After you have 5 to 10 samples, I want you to present them to your family and friends to gain feedback on how they like it. Your family and friends are not always honest because they don’t want you hurt. Therefore, ask them to be honest and constructive. How can you improve your service or material? Gain at least 5 feedbacks you can improve, yes that’s your goal!

Then I want you tell others what you have been doing and present their sample to them. Put it up on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, anywhere and everywhere. This is just sharing so don’t think too much into it. Alongside that, find a medium where you can display your item and in turn sell them. This will require you to know if you want this to be displayed online or at some ones store? Since I do everything online, I will guide you through your online endeavors.

Don’t expect to make money right away. The people who do are extremely lucky. It takes time and persistence to create a certain following and very few people get famous overnight. Hold on to your passion project and keep working on it every single day till it financially supports and secures you with your other stable sources.

Please feel to contact me if you require consultancy or assistance. I provide full timeframe and guideline to your success…

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