How would you Style Her? Camila Cabello

Hello World,

I am a big fan of Camila Cabello, I am the first one to start dancing to “HAVANA” whenever it’s on. But I am a big fan of fashion as well and I have never found her to be a style icon. If I can paint a clearer picture for you then, I like watching Ariana Grande’s music videos, she has a different look, hairstyle in all her videos. But I am not eager to see Camila’s videos. I don’t mind them, but I am not eager! It doesn’t spark my curiosity.

I love her big hair but I don’t think it’s styled quite right. I know her PR’s are going for a Spanish look with the front parted bangs but I wish she changed it up here and there. She does minimal eye makeup and goes for the natural look which is great. But her hair is a big part of her whole look and identity and I think it takes away from her style.

She tires to experiment a lot which is always great and there will always be negativity when one tries to different things. However, I feel that she lacks her own sense of style. She doesn’t wear anything statement, she just does the following… (basic).

This is not great! She has purple suede high ankle boots with a turtle neck sweater dress! Nope, not working at all! Her face on the other hand is beautiful.

bad cam

Since I bashed her so much, I would like you to know that there is no hate in my blogs. I found two pictures of where she looks fantastic and how I would actually style her. She looks great with this low cut neck floral dress. She has amazing legs and they should definitely be high lighted. I love how she paired the look with a simple black clutch and simple sandals.

Have you noticed my main point? Her hair looks less messy in this picture! She actually styled it! Her make up is always great, light, peach and subtle.


This is another picture which I really like. it’s simplicity which is extenuated by the choker an the diamond fishnets. It’s urban, yet casual. Her legs are showing and her is styled!


Fashion police aside, end of the day she is an amazing artist and is one of the starts on the top 10 artists on the Spotify list!

If you need any style tips please feel free to contact me and connect with me on my intagram @dlaofficial_

Love always,


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