Woman need to be Financially Stable

Okay ladies this one is for you! I get it, we look for career oriented partners with a stable career, growth prospects and a lot of fortune. Judgemental people often think of this as being materialistic. However, what we are seeking is security and stability in our investments—that’s what every woman looks for while searching for a partner. However, some of you spend a lot of time looking for those qualities rather than working on your own development and stability.

It’s saddens me to see some woman still struggling with financial stability and some who are still not financially literate. You think I am kidding, but woman in some households can’t even break down their mortgage and various taxes that are attached to owning a property. This is because they are blindly dependant on their husbands to take care of the finances. Yes, your partner may be a wonderful person and they most likely don’t mind taking care of the finances on your behalf but you still need to know the details of the process.

Ladies you need to be par if not more than your partner. When I am in a relationship, I always make sure to be in a healthy competition with my partner. This way we are both motivated and have high respect for each other. I own 3 properties and I did it on my own, this is what healthy competition got me and I am proud of it. I understand some of you choose not to work because your spouse works. Yet you have to still make sure you know that your spouse has a backup plan if there is ever a loss of income. That means you need to know all about what’s coming in the house, what the expenses are and how much you are spending. Yes, budget!

Please ladies, make sure you have your own emergency account in the bank where you have 6 months of survival savings. This is a must, must, must and a 101 to personal finance. This is your rainy day money. Life is full of uncertainties and in today’s day you can’t dependant on anyone. You have to be a self-sufficient, strong, independent woman. Spending is easy! Saving, not so much! I need you to be saving though!

Those red bottoms look great and the new Prada purse all the Instagram bloggers are carrying look even better but sorry, we have to check if that fits your budget before you jump the gun! Cut your expenses ladies! Let’s work on investing in ourselves and our future. Did I tell you I am doing my MBA? (Yes I have, I mention it in all of my blogs). That Prada purse can wait, it won’t gain you a return on your investment. So you have to invest smart that has returns, invest in stocks, Bitcoin or property and or better yet yourself by learning a focus that adds to your competitive edge.

You need to work hard girls. Trust me, it feels good to have your own. Take risks girls, don’t get use to a casual, dependant lifestyle. It won’t be good for you in the long run. Money is not everything but self-growth and practicing personal financial hygiene is important!

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  1. reflectionofdes

    This is good advice. I do agree that we all need a backup plan and need to save money for rainy days. Even if the woman stays home while her husband work she should try to do some side hustles to earn her own money.


  2. anne leueen

    My father died when I was 16 and my mother did not know how to write a check.This was in the 1960s. I swore that such a thing would never happen to me and it never has. I have always maintained financial independence. I have been married now for 34 years and I still maintain this.


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