Stop Procrastinating !

Hello World,

It’s a snowy day today and I am in the mood to procrastinate. There is a major project sitting on my back which is due tomorrow, wait, wait also I need to be working on and there is a presentation that is required for Friday. There are small tasks that have to be completed throughout the day for work. I need to go to the mall and complete some Christmas shopping—matter of fact my mom’s Birthday shopping as well! I need figure out a meal plan for myself. I have to shovel the drive way. I have to do laundry. I have to plan my vacation for February, which is short time if you think of the plane tickets hiking! Hmm what else do I have to do?


So what am I putting off here with my “have to do’s”…yes you have guessed it! My project for tomorrow. Now this project is not hard. I know if I do a bit of research and proof read and format then I can easily get a 90 percent. Then what’s the issue? Why am I not starting? Because it looks like a lot of work. There is a 200 words of Executive Summary, then the 3000 worlds of analysis and a whole lot of scholarly references.


Now what? How do I start? For a good performance I need to be interested in the project. I need to be aware of the benefits this project will bring me. Do a bit of analysis of how much percentage I can gain by doing well in this project. Even better, maybe I can use this project as template for my business or as a portfolio item for an interview. To start something important while procrastinating, identify the returns.

Trick for your mind

Another key way of starting is by breaking it by segments. I don’t need to look at the entire project as a whole but section it by segment. Work on the Executive summary first and then the figure out an outline. If I treat each segment as a different task, all of a sudden this BIG project seems smaller. This is a mind trick you need to learn if you are a procrastinator. Break a big project down in segments.

Take a short mind vacation

Last but not least! If you stress then you will do bad on your task. So breathe a little bit. Give yourself time to relax and let your mind wander off before you start your project. This way your mind is fresh and determined to complete each tasks without wanting to quit. Exactly, what I am doing right now!

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Thank you…



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  1. VanessaxGrace

    What’s that saying, “You eat an elephant one bite at a time?” Yep, that’s what I did today and got a lot done. Made up for a few “goof off” days!

    By the way, thanks for the follow at Vine Life Faith 😊


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