Use me as a Resource and Use my Resources – Power of Contacts

Hello World,

If you read my past blogs you will find a pattern, a pattern of not being able to keep up with these blogs. It’s unfortunate because I really love writing and sharing my thoughts about topics which matter to me. However, I would like to use the same excuse as I did last, I have been busy with work and completing my Masters of Business Administration studies and therefore failed to devote my time in blogging. Recently, my focus has shifted towards networking.


I am a very hard worker and I am known for my ability to understand and catch on to latest trends for creativity and business. I have never thought of networking as important as I do today.  If I were to go back in time and give my younger self a piece of advice, I would tell myself to maintain and build close relationships and create new ones because you never know where those people will end up in the future. I was so hung over the idea of building my career that I didn’t focus on building close knit relationships. I am not saying be friends with everyone, however it’s good to keep in touch and follow up with them from time to time. Find a reason to stay connected.

My younger self felt doing “good” work will be enough for success but I can tell you now that that is a misconception! Now doing “good” or “great” work is not enough. You are paired against thousands of others who do even better harder and produce better work than you. Competition! So what do you do? You create a competitive edge. You make sure you have an insight, view point, or solution that is distinct from your fellow competitors. Than what do you do? Find people of value. What does that mean? Find contacts of value who will add to your success. You have to create a win-win situation where you have your own distinct view/idea/solution you can offer/share with your contact of value and in return they will keep you in mind for opportunities.


This process of business networking does not have to be so formal. Don’t lose your contacts, always follow up with them over a random coffee meet or dinner. Keep in touch! Just because you have a contact doesn’t mean they will help you. Trust me! You have to maintain a relationship and share your elevator pitch to let them know of your interest. It’s like adopting a client for a subscription system for your company. Even if your client subscribed, you can’t lose touch, you always have to send them follow up newsletters and promotions to show they are a loyal customer.

Approach Strangers

Some of you struggle with this and I did as well. I did not appreciate the idea of approaching a stranger when they have no business knowing my business. WRONG! Go to networking events and meet as many people as you can because those people will do great things in the future and if you are lucky you will be a part of it, just because you kept close contact. Having a short elevator pitch really helps. Start a conversation, ask them what they do and then tell them what you do and your “Niche” insight. This will build confidence and after some time you will be able to go up to the person who is giving the speech at the networking event.

I would love to help everyone with their networking needs as it has become a part of my life. I know many of you have questions and I would like to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact me and use my resources.

Thanks you,


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