Wedding Anxiety

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I don’t have the wedding Jitters just yet but I hear that’s one common trend of anxiety a couple face during their wedding. Ironic how a perfect wedding is not guaranteed but wedding anxiety is! It’s normal to get anxious since it’s a milestone in your life. However, the wedding anxieties takes small issue and enlarges the problems into madness. The couple start to question the relationship, they go into panic mode with organization of the planning and they also start magnifying every little thing. The worst is when the couple starts believing they are with the wrong partner. All of a sudden, you ask yourself was saying, “Yes” a mistake? But what if I told you all this is normal?!

It’s Normal…

Don’t turn into bridezilla! Reality check, they ALL call you that behind your back when you are a new bride. It’s normal to feel anxious! Accept it! You need to accept that your one day will be great no matter what. You will still end up with your partner you have been dating for a good while and the best of it all after the big day you wake up beside them for the rest of your life. Now I know, what you are thinking! That is exactly the problem! What if you don’t want to wake up beside them the rest of your life? There is a sudden commitment issue. The proposal happened too soon and you didn’t get time to think. After all these years but right before the wedding you start noticing their minor details of leaving their socks in the living room, leaving a bunch of dishes in the sink, and snoring at night! Can you take that for the rest of your life? Are they the one? That’s called wedding jitters aka Cold Feet! You were just fine weeks before they engagement but now you want to run out that door.

Your partner didn’t change, it’s just you over thinking. When all this goes through your mind, please do yourself a favor and take a breather! Stop thinking about the wedding for a bit and take your partner out on a nice date. Speak about anything but the wedding. Go out with your girlfriends and have a fun girl’s night out. Main key point is, leave it the thoughts and have fun!


Literally run! You have to fit into that wedding gown don’t you? Run, exercise and let the stress go out the door. I know you won’t have time because of all the planning and organizing but you have to make time to do a bit of pre-wedding workout. This will help you distract and relax your mind. Take a breather and go for long walks and do yoga! Don’t worry that dress would look great on you.

Use the Bridesmaids…

I know you can be the best bridezilla in the world by planning your perfect dream wedding, but another reality check, sorry, you can’t do it all alone! When someone offers a kind gesture, “Do you need me to do something?” That’s when you say, “Yes” for the second time! Wedding planning is doing a lot of things at once and involves a lot of coordination. No matter what you say, you can’t multitask with that wedding anxiety of yours. That’s the reason you leave it to people that really care about you. Trust, remember that word? They will not mess up your big day. I know you are worried something will get left behind if you are not looking over it but hey, this is when you are getting a chance to show your true Project management skills! Delegate your work!

Don’t DIY

I know you millennials are eager to open up your Youtube and Pinterest and start your DIY cards and gifts, guest lists, stages, cupcakes, flowers, decorations and basically the whole wedding, but don’t do it! I know your wedding needs to look DIY trendy but you are creating more work for yourself and adding to your stress level at this time. There is a reason there is ETSY and other shops on Shopify that can easily give your wedding that DIY touch. Can you imagine sitting at 2:00 in the morning still playing with glitter and hand writing all of your 200 invitations? Nope, do not do it!

Why the Cold Feet…

You doubt that they will turn out to be a bad partner or you yourself will not be a good one. You may had divorces in your family, traumatic childhood, violence etc. that adds to your decision of quitting last minute. You feel history will repeat and those things may reoccur in your life either through you or through your partner. You will end up in the same position as your fears. Nope, negative! You will not because you will avoid that pattern. You know the issue and you will work against to protect a good successful relationship. Stop being negative and let the whole thing pan out and take its course.

It won’t be perfect…

I am sorry, I saved the bad news for the last. It won’t be perfect but you will love it. Somethings will go out of coordination, some people will be late, maybe the weather won’t cooperate or someone will make an embarrassing toast. But that’s not what the wedding is about! It’s not a show for everyone else, you don’t have to please everyone and make it a perfect wedding but it’s a celebration for yourself. I feel often people confuse what a wedding really means. A wedding is a celebration of two people starting a new beginning together. All the people attending are celebrating your happiness. It’s your day and you have full right to mess up and have fun! You are allowed! So sure, the mike didn’t work when the speeches were going on but that’s okayyyy!

Don’t forget my hand written invitation card for your wedding!


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