Increase your Conversion Rate for your Website

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If you own a business then you exactly know what I mean when I say that you need to improve your conversion rate for greater Return on Investments (ROI). A conversion rate is the percentage of total visitors to visitors who perform desired actions. Hence, increase in conversion rate equals greater return on investments. Conversion rates are the key driving points of Marketing Campaigns. Yes, you want more subscribers, followers, viewers, and audience but you also what these people to do something, take an action and buy your product/services!

All about the looks…

In this case it is all about the looks! Seriously, if your website is not appealing you will lose sales. What is appealing to your audience? You need to keep on upgrading and experimenting with the fonts, color, and stylistic changes on your webpage to see what works. You have to keep on testing with new design possibilities to polish the website. Use high quality images, even Tinder and Bumble does these days! High quality adds to your website quality and the customer associate with product/service quality. Use headshots of happy people, humanize the experience on your website. Even better add a video! Video is considered to be the step before touching and feeling. Keep everything tunnel vision for the person reading your front and landing page. Simplicity is key, if there are too many options to choose from then the customer will get confused. We don’t want that!

Clarity on CTA…

Keep it simple and clear. Keep the options minimal and clearly list the benefits. It’s all about motivation. What will motivate your customers to buy your product/services in simple words? Then comes CTA! What do you want your audience to do? Don’t confuse them! Don’t let them think! Just tell them! Focus on your Call To Action. These buttons can really make or break your next sale. CTA can increase 27% of conversion rate. The way to do this is by adding Action words. There is a difference between, “Try it now” vs. “Get Started” Do you see it? Which one of those motivates you more? Why should I, the customer, click on your landing page hyperlink button? What is the motivation? Be clear on your CTA and tell your customers they can “Buy” or “Get Started”.

Segmentation and Behavior of Customers…  

No, not all your customers think the same. You have to make your website appeal to multiple personalities. A website has 4 types of visitors, competitive, spontaneous, methodical, humanistic. A paid site visitor will behave a different way than an organic visitor. A competitive visitors will check your prices. A spontaneous visitor will like to learn about your website. A methodical visitor will ask how does this product add value, or change something in their life. A humanistic visitor will look for a way to connect. Therefore, add a guarantee and ratings (the yellow 5 stars)! Also, use testimonials and reviews. Show them how many visitors, subscribers and followers love your product. Recommend related products and keep the visitors engaged. Also, if you can let the customers customize their own products! Adidas lets you customize shoes, that’s why you have Ultra Boost now! Make sure it’s easy to contact you. Use a Chat tool to tell them you are there with them on the website.

Conversion Tracking!

Google Analytics! Use a conversion tracker! Do it NOW! How do you know if you are doing great or worse if you don’t track your performance? Let me tell you, 97 % of marketing campaigns fail without tracking. It’s hard to track higher funnel marketing and social media, you don’t know how much sales you are getting from that platform. That means tracking everything, starting from phone calls, form submissions, sales, sign-ups, online chats, in-store visits.

Fear of Loss…

It’s not always easy with motivation that’s the reason you have to create fear of loss. How can you create a fear of loss if they don’t click on that button that will take them to the payment screen today? Let them know stock won’t last, “until stocks last”, or “for a limited time”

Make things easy!

We have 8 second attention span these days, lower than a gold fish! How can you keep me focused on the page and take my transaction as smoothly as possible? Trust me, no one wants to go through the process of registration to buy anymore. Let them buy as a guest! Registration should be optional but not required. If you have any forms that needs to be filed out, have a lot of optional fields. Don’t forget to offer various payment methods. And please, don’t charge for shipping, that’s your number one conversion killer. They will find the same item on Amazon and pay no shipping after a certain cost!

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