Social Media Vs. Life

Hello World,

You know what felt good today? Forgetting my phone at my desk and taking an hour long walk. I felt a different kind of free. No notifications! No emails! No constantly checking my feeds for fear of missing out! I had time to just be me, just to live the time without distractions. I experienced the walk, felt the nice cool breeze without the idea of—it didn’t happen if I don’t Snap it! It made me realize detaching myself from Social media is actually creates a ZEN moment. It’s almost like meditation these days. So I ask, how addicted are you to your Social Media? Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Short Memory Span!

Don’t deny it, due to your Social media you have a really short memory span now! I would rather see things in a Tweet format than read a full paragraph as a description or even better, I would rather see a picture! We live in an 8 second memory span life now! That is both good and bad. You store short bits of a lot of information that you don’t really know in-depth details about. This is helpful because you can multitask much better but bad since you are easily distracted. You are killing your ability to focus. You have no tolerance for focus, you need to see things more simple and now! That’s our next generation, Gen Z!

No you are not missing out!

Social media misrepresents our idea of reality. You only see people having great moments on their Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook. Posting pictures of their brand new shopping and living a very heavily filtered lavish life. But what about the other side? I mean you can’t be always be happy?! No one posts about their unhappy sad moments. What about their bad day at work? The constant feed of other people’s lives make us compare our truth with only what we see them post. We end up comparing ourselves with their happy heavily filtered moments. That’s when jealousy and self-pity kicks in! Oh and Social Media doesn’t stop there, they will make sure to notify with each new feed.

What are you missing out on? There are approximately 7.5 Billion people living on this Earth, you are missing out on many more cool things than your Snapchat can hold! You can’t follow and snoop on everyone’s lives. Just let go of that mentality because you have your own! Also, stop being a show off! The idea that you have to take a picture or it didn’t happen, I mean does that even make sense? Why didn’t it happen? You were there to experience it! Trust me, if you met up with your friends and described that very moment to them then that would create more real quality connection than a filtered Instagram picture would!

Turn off the Notifications!

Social media is great! It keeps you up to date and trendy. That’s the only way of connecting these days and I don’t want you to be a barbarian without any social media. But you don’t have to be connected 24/7 to it and must know where to draw the line. It’s not your life, let’s learn to admit that! When you see you are procrasting and are double tapping on people’s Instagram pictures for an hour, that’s a problem!

Use that “Do not disturb” feature on your phone. Find a hobby. Deactivate some of your Social Media, honestly even what’s app has a Story feed now?! Why?! Prioritize your day and give yourself a binge Social media time of scrolling through feeds but honestly when at work or doing something work related, turn off all your other useless social updates except maybe your emails!

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  1. Siphosetu

    This is important we know but never really do it! We want to know how many likes we got from the photos we post on Facebook. We miss out on a lot of ‘life’ that even when we are with friends, instead of enjoying conversations we focus on our phones. No interaction whatsoever. 💜 great post!


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