What is your Niche?

Hello World,

What is it that set’s you apart from the very next person standing next to you right now? Your personality of course! But what about your soft and hard skills? Many people have an outlook that they should stop reading, writing and learning after their schooling is complete. But is it really that way? You realize soon enough that learning is a life long journey. Even if you think schooling is where it ended, it didn’t!

I mean in today’s day and age how can you avoid knowledge? You carry it with you everywhere you go, it’s called the internet! You keep learning and gaining new knowledge on the daily. You learn new practical skills at work. You are able to connect, engage, present and sell to your clients. You learn to manage and implement new tools and methodologies to update your career. You move out and mom is not there to cook for you anymore! So you Google a bunch of recipes and learn how to survive on your own. You learn how to handle a child for the first time after becoming a parent. At a certain point your health becomes extremely important, you gain more knowledge about how your body functions and how to keep it functioning. With each skill learnt you are constantly growing as an individual. But everyone goes through that, right? I mean, you get put in a situation where you have to learn a skill to survive that situation. Is that really pushing your creative boundaries and finding your Niche? Something that set’s you apart from the person standing next to you.

Talk to people…

I am a really big advocate of constant learning and self-growth. I feel a useful approach to constant growth is engaging. Talking to others and learning from their interesting adventures, success stories, and failures not only motivates you but assists in building a roadmap for your own personal and professional goals. My way of engaging and connecting is by blogging, reading a lot, a lot and a lot of biographies and attending networking events. I meet a lot of creative and likeminded individuals from whom I can constantly learn and broaden my interests.

Go places you don’t like going…

Another way of self-growth is to make yourself vulnerable. Put yourself in places you are less confident in. It’s all about practice and know that it doesn’t matter what people thinks. Go to a karaoke night and sing in front of people. Waste of time? But what if you really end up enjoying it? What if it helps you break a fear of being in front of a crowd? What if you are actually a good singer and someone discovers you like Justin Beiber discovered by Usher, JK! But hey, anything can happen! Take your chances, when you do, it helps you self-assess your interest. You end up discovering a new side of you.

Day Dream… 

Be Bored! Let your creative juices flow. Some people are most creative when they are taking a really nice hot shower. Forget stress, forget work, forget what you have to do and take a walk a walk at the park. Enjoy the beautiful breeze. You know our weather is rarely like this so why not? When your brain is congested with multiple thoughts and the never ending to-do list, it’s hard to bring your mind to one thing and focus. To regain focus you need to subside the other thoughts. Open up your mind by giving yourself “you” time.

Add to your skills…

Keep upgrading yourself! Most courses are either free or really cheap on the internet nowadays. You don’t have to manage time to learn a skill these days. Many education institutions are providing distance learning nowadays in most subjects, even Harvard and Stanford. Use Coursera or Udemy, they have never ending sources of hard and soft skills you would need to upgrade your resume or complete your personal goals.

Now let’s get engaging, being bored, and picking up a book!






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