The Taller You are the More You Earn

Hello World,

Posture is important! Yes, I know it’s not knew information, I know that, you know that! You probably learnt about posture way back in ergonomics class or through your mother’s long lectures on, “don’t slouch” and “always sit up straight”. I didn’t really pay attention to all the good advices my mother tried to teach me back then but she was actually right—as always! Few days ago, I came across an article which compared heights of all successful people around the world. One fact, all Presidents in the United States have been between 6 feet to 6 feet 3 inches. Among those 45 president only one of them stood 5 feet 4 inch tall. What does that really tell you? Stand tall, the tallest you can and don’t slouch! People will perceive you as powerful and influential when you stand tall.

Taller means More Money!

Universe is that fair? I am only 5 feet 4 inch! Studies show despite your gender, a person who is 6 feet tall is predicted to receive nearly $166,000 more over the course of a 30-year career than someone who is 5 feet 5 inches. They are also relatively happier with their work and family life. A research done by Britain’s Child Development Survey and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth show taller teenagers usually participate in social activities, such as sports, school clubs and dating. This helps build their social adaptability which benefits them to achieve more when they are older.

Advantages and Perception

Tall people appear to look leaner than a person with average height. Their longer torso makes certain clothing look amazing on them. Tall people are perceived to have more authority. Tall works great if you are in business, make sure you ask for that promotion! 90% of CEO’s and company executives stand tall above 6 feet. Tall people appear mature. Shorter people are looked down upon against a tall counterpart.

Shorter Life Span

Earlier studies showed taller people lived longer until it was discovered the research wasn’t accurate. Taller people are more likely to die from cancer than shorter people. Taller people need more nutrition to maintain their health. Our T-cells reduces as we grow older but those same cells diminishes much quicker in a taller individual. This takes away the ability to fight toxins in their body much faster. Making their body susceptible to danger.

But what does that change? They still live a happier and much more fulfilled life than others. So let’s fix our posture and stand tall!







  1. molaplume

    Good morning Goal Digger and thank you for following my blog. This is a very interesting article. Who said that life was fair? I still fondly remember the wiseguy response of Tony Soprano to his young nephew when the latter complained about one the tasks he was entrusting him with:
    “Fair? You think life is fair? Go ask the victims from Katrina!”
    Vi rincrociamo. Arrrivederci!


  2. Ankur Mithal

    No doubt tall people will have some advantages. But I am sure so will short. Guess who is more likely to hit his head on a low-hanging tree branch? Or who can bend down and tie his shoelaces faster?:-)


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