What’s Trending ?

Hello World,

Do know what’s trending right this very second—not only where you live but around the world? I’ll tell you, NHL playoff schedule, Bradley Coopers newborn, North Korea and the White House, Casey Anthony murder mystery revisit, and don’t forget its National Siblings day! Why do you think it’s important for us to keep a track of today’s hot topics? Not only keeping up with trends make us seem cool but also works as a great marketing tool. It bridges a gap between our former generation and the new one who are currently playing with Musicl.ly. As a creative and a content creator you should always know what’s trending.

#Trends are relatable

Trends are relatable and therefore marketable. Why are trends relatable? Everyone wants to be liked by others. When something is trending people are quick to jump the bandwagon since that trend is liked, followed, viewed and promoted by others. There is also a sense of missing out. No one wants to be that loner. If you don’t know or follow then exactly, you don’t know or follow! You are the loner who is missing out on what’s in style. By knowing you can bridge a gap in any conversation and use it as an ice breaker.

Content Creators

Why is it so important for us? We all know it isn’t always easy to wake up in the morning and think of something original that will start trending within the minute of it being shared. Therefore, the strategy should be to research and find out what’s being talked about right this very second to formulate and develop ideas towards the next content. What are people talking about today? What are they relating to in this given day? What’s went viral today? You also need to monitor your analytics to recognize which of your posts are doing better than others.

Businesses are smart about this! They are the fastest at keeping up with trends. I want you to scroll through your Instagram feed on a food related national celebration day. When you think about it these “National *Blank* Days” are fun but at the same time odd to comprehend—like why does this day even exist and why are we celebrating this day? Have you noticed every business had a National Pizza Day Ad up on National Pizza Day? I mean even Holister, Forever21, Automotive services, etc. had at least one National Pizza Day picture up. Why do you think that was? Why do you think H&R Block an American Tax preparation company has an Ad up of a three scooped Ice cream cone picture up right now? #Trending!

How do you find trends?

Now as content creator we need to always be onboard with trends because we want our work to be marketable and reaching the vast amount of audience as possible. Where to keep up with your trending topics?

  1. -Twitter Trends
  2. -Instagram Trends
  3. -Google Trends
  4. -Youtube Trends
  5. -BuzzSumo
  6. -Buzzfeed Trends
  7. -Quora
  8. -Reddit
  9. -Social Mention
  10. -Bottlenose
  11. -Keyhole
  12. -Agorapulse
  13. -Topsy
  14. -SproutSocial
  15. -Radian6
  16. -Brandwatch Analytics

 Get your Content Trending today!





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