Email Marketing – Attention Grab!

Hello World,

Maybe you can care less but here is a question for you, how do you feel about the Newsletters, Ads and promotions you receive daily in your email account? Yes, some are really annoying! Those annoying ones are definitely meant for our Junk Folder. However, what about the ones you actually express an interest for. The companies which send you a 30% off coupon or an announcement to a VIP 90% sold out event or a warm thanks for being a loyal customer with free samples. What happens then? I assume you do exactly what these beautiful marketing emails are meant for your ever distracted mind to do. You click on the promotion which directs you to the company website. Which does the first part of a “Marketeers” job – grab your attention!

Your attention span is short!

Marketeer’s have it hard. It’s not easy to grab your attention these days. According to a report generated by Microsoft Analytics, you have an attention span of 8 seconds which is less than a goldfish, 9 seconds. Even the goldfish is beating you! But guess what? We have good news! Due to the advancement in technology our attention span has increased to 11.1 seconds in the last six years. Tablets are accessible and can be carried everywhere, phones also have larger display screens and all of these displays support retina or other features making reading much more soothing and comforting for your eyes. All these functions make reading and engaging much easier than 6 years ago. But still 11.1 seconds, short right?

11.1 Second is short Email Marketing!

Yes, 11.1 seconds is still short and we are not to blame. We like to be social! We are all accustomed to messaging and using social media apps such as Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Push Messaging and other channels which shortened messaging along with our attentions span over time. However, we have hope once again! A recent report by Litmus Email Analytics states that though we have 11.1 seconds attention span for other mediums, our email reading has substantially grown. Yes, it’s 18 seconds! We read emails more closely, thanks to the large display screens on our phones! The statistics indicate a 55% of gradual growth in email reading from 2011 to 2016.

Grab Attention

You have only 18 seconds, how would you send out a compelling email to grab your customer’s attention?

  • Mobile Friendly! Make sure your email is mobile friendly. Customers are easy to unsubscribe if your email is not responsive
  • Content is aligned with your Subject line. Always preview text, if they don’t align then subscribers will only give it a glance
  • Make sure all the links are working and you are not sending a broken link
  • Test your emails
  • Image! The right image can really grab a customer’s attention
  • The above fold, yes use that space wisely. When someone opens an email that’s their first glance. Always: Image above the fold and content below the fold
  • Use bullets and short messages. Remember, how much attention span a person has!
  • If the content is great and relevant than your subscribers will scroll for more!

Happy gaining Subscribers!




  1. Writings By Payal Tyagi

    Hey thanks for getting in touch as I am a marketer myself so the tips are really useful for me . Keep up the great work


  2. Marsha

    Great information, Adila. Thanks for following my blog. Seeing yours lets me know I’ve still got a long way to go! I could spend quite a bit of time browsing here and learning. Love to have you join Networking Bloggers, Facebook Group. We have a great assortment of professionals and hobby bloggers.


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