Better Battery Life or the Samsung Galaxy S8 ?

Hello World,

Here is the thing, I am always on my phone. I will sound crazy if I say I am alone in this behavior because I know you are reading this post through your phone right now! We do a ton on our phone from setting the alarm to wake up in the morning, surfing the internet, checking emails, using social media, editing all the selfies we post on Snapchat and Instagram, messaging our friends, tracking gym progress, putting calendar notes, swiping left and right to find a date, asking our phone to find the nearest restaurant, then calling an Uber to get to that restaurant, asking UberEats to deliver our food, making payments with it as it were our credit card, wow the list is never ending! Writing all of this made me realize the phone really is my boyfriend and I love him!

How do you choose your phone?

If you read any all my other blog posts then you know by now I promote a healthy lifestyle and positivity with a hint of reality check. I am all about keeping your positive mind and a healthy immune system in equilibrium. So here is my logic, since my phone does so much for me I need it to be in peak condition. What about you, how do you choose your phone? Does a good research go into your phone shopping? Do you look at the specs or is it all about the look and feel? If it’s the later, have you checked out the new Samsung Galaxy S8? The phone is dated to releases sometime end of March and beginning of April.

What’s outside Vs. What’s inside…

The Samsung Galaxy S8 looks and feels amazing. Samsung got rid of the top and bottom edges to give you a big screen display this April. Which means if you constantly read or watch Youtube videos on your phone like me then this is the phone for you! Samsung got rid of the physical home button at the bottom and gave you a lock screen slider or face recognition to unlock the phone. The display size now stands at 5.8-inch for S8 and 6.2-inch for S8 Plus. The Infinity screen definitely enhances your experience with surfing the web and with different Apps. Compared to an Iphone 7, the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is more pixelated even when zooming in. This makes viewing pictures and or reading E-Books crystal clear. But do you solely purchase your looks on looks and feel?

The battery is the same from the last phone! There is no upgrade on the battery. Samsung Galaxy S8 with a battery of 3,000mAh and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus with a battery of 3,500mAh, the same capacity of Note 7. Also, I hate to do this but remember the huge recall? Samsung Note 7 blowing up everywhere, ring a bell?! Okay fine, I’ll stop. However, personally I have had very poor experience with my other Samsung phones battery life. Great screen and camera as always but the battery doesn’t keep up with you. There was a time when my Samsung use to last me only 2 hours, that’s nothing for how long I spend my time on my phone.

Only update if you need an update…

Don’t be like those people who just get a new phone to say they have the latest gadgets! You’re wasting your own money. Samsung comes out with a new phone every 6 months. That’s one of the reasons why their phones durability is short compared to an Iphone. Iphone has its share of flaws but that phone would last you a life time, don’t my exaggeration! Samsung starts dying right on their next launch. That way you upgrade to their next phone. When the phone starts emerging with issues and problems, you just think, ah Samsung just came out with a new phone, how convenient! Let me just replace it instead going through the hassle of fixing the broken phone.

Along with the battery life, Samsung Galaxy S8 has not upgraded the camera, 12 MP. They have their own version of SIRI now called Bixby, which only works with some Samsung Apps. How are all this specs any different from your current phone? And is the upgrade really worth it if you know how frequently Samsung releases a new phone?

Happy Phone Search!





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