Do you look Younger for your Age?

Hello World,

I’m Back! This time I am late because your blogger has been collaborating with different brands, lifestyle entrepreneurs and companies, some of which are great organic Skin Care Lines, Instagram @Dlaofficial_ . But I am not hear to babble about that right now. I am here to ask few questions. Do you look or want to look younger than your age and why? Why is ageing unacceptable although we know it’s inevitable? Maybe it’s a easier way of freezing time or perhaps, it’s how our social climate view age.


The big brands are focused on the percentage of women who are not purchasing Ani-aging creams. Statistics state about 43 Billion sales per year are on anti aging product just in the UK.  Research state, 50% woman are worried about how old they look, of which 37% started to worry when they are in their 30’s. Also, one in ten woman will say they start worrying when they are in their 20’s. The average age at which women feel they start to look old is 46.

I know girls in their 20’s who use Anti-Aging products but I don’t agree. Your dermatologist would recommend you NOT to touch any anti-aging product if you are a young buck! Oil production in your skin starts slowing down as you get older, leading to dry skin. Hence the Anti-aging products are made richer and heavier to lighten the dryness. Since you are a young buck, an anti-aging cream will start clogging your pores and cause break outs as most young skins have more natural oil production.

If you think about it isn’t it a bit shaming that a 20 year old feels they need to use anti-aging products? Here is the deal, it’s another thing to take care of yourself. By all means, you should take care of yourself. You should be presentable which will boost your confidence. Though, the word presentable has a different tag in the media, “looking younger” rather than healthy. If you want healthier skin than you need to focus on your antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, Vitamin B3, green tea extract, and fruit acids.


Okay, we get women are insecure about their age and they run to their Anti-aging, Botox and go under the knife to appear forever youthful. What do men do? Do men view age the same way as women?  No they don’t! They hit the gym! Women tag the age with the word attractiveness. Men tag the word age with power and strength. Next time you go to a marathon, you know exactly why so many older men are running the marathon. Yes, of course they are there for a good cause AND to show off their strength. It serves them with an ego boost. They often take on obstacle courses, hiking and other strength training to prove a point, that they still have what it takes. Men also start buying youthful flashy items, like a new bike or a new sports car.

Media and Marketing

Ever watched those Paris Fashion Weeks, the gorgeous young looking women, perfect figure, they have glow of youthfulness to their skin, walking the runway? Come on everyone has at least once! Here is a problem and a fact for you, they have a target audience of 25 and up. But some of the models are 14. The 14 year old is a selling a product to a 25 and up. Now how does the 25 year old feel? The woman imagines the 14 year old to be their age which makes them feel they should look as youthful.

Ladies, I know we are all a bit impulsive! We like the new flashy trends on Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, TV, magazines, fashion blogs, you name it! But do you ever consider the side effects? I am a researcher. I don’t challenge, touch or use anything without my investigation glasses on. But this time, I want to learn if you do as well. When you do laser not because of medical reasons but it’s a common social norm today, have you done your research?! Do you know the chances of the side effects hitting you after 8 years? Statistics show a Botox in reality can make you only look 2 years younger than you look, is that worth it? Maybe it is to some. However, gather your facts before you try everything another socialite is doing.

Deny and Defy

Why shouldn’t you ask a woman’s age again? It’s because men tend to leave older women and go for younger ones or women shouldn’t be asked her age while a man shouldn’t be asked his salary? I still don’t get it! Are we still stuck in that time. How many of you will deny your age? Woman avoid telling their age at work because of fellow ageist coworkers. They often fear that they won’t land a higher position or won’t get a deal/project if their age was known. But what other good reasons do you have to hide your age? We live in a society of deny and defy. Woman deny and Men defy, we don’t embrace and face that we are all getting older. Would you trade your wisdom for youth? I hope not.

Just embrace life, you are more than your looks!




  1. shaneto1

    I am only 25 and I already say that I am getting old. Then those who are older than me say your still a “baby.” I guess it is all about perception and how you feel. Seeing women in their 40’s looking like they are still in their 20’s gives me hope to embrace aging. I plan to age gracefully that is due to an overall healthy mind, body, and soul. Great post!


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