Are you Interested?

Hello World,

Let me ask you something very vague and broad, are you interested? What is interest and where does it come from? Perhaps it’s mere curiosity and motivation towards something you want to learn more about. That make sense! But what happens when you are NOT interested? I mean not interested at all! The topic/subject/event is too boring or difficult for you to handle but it demands complete curiosity and that big “I” word, interest. And if that’s the case then how do we go about developing that big “I” word?


Think of a subject you absolutely hated but you needed. Yes, I know a lot of you thought of that terrible four letter word, MATH! I second that, I hated it too. The external factors that made us pursue math in the first place were our parents. I hear a lot of you say, well my dad wanted me to become an engineer and therefore math was required.  Well in my case Business and Computer Science required math and I couldn’t escape it just like you!  An emotional pressure is created by others, such as guilt or pride, in order for us to aim for something that does not count in our strengths.

Why weren’t we good at it?

We established that we had no interest in this subject, but we didn’t build interest towards the practice either. We didn’t divulge deep into the subject with love and curiosity but went ahead to complete the work/assignments/exams in total frustration. Was it because we were weak in this subject?  We had questions and we needed time to learn but when that time wasn’t given and a classroom was only assessed based on assignment completion, our focus shifted to just completing the assignments. We basically skipped the learning and understanding part. Plus we didn’t enjoy the learning part because we found it difficult. We believed we were weak which in fact made the curiosity towards the subject disappear.

How to build interest?   

We just don’t enjoy some odd things in life- save your precious time- no need in pursuing them at all! But in some matters we have no control therefore we are stuck with them. In those cases curiosity is our friend! Which means motivation will follow the curiosity we build. Curiosity shapes with questions. To learn about anything you have to ask a lot to dive deep and really understand why. Think of children for instance, they ask their parents a bunch of questions to get to the solution. If they don’t get the answer then they are on a mission to find it themselves. The deeper you plunge into the matter the more motivation develops.

Going into details of the topic of interest will get you plenty of facts and solutions you didn’t know about because you were afraid to tackle your weakness. The more answers you have to your questions, the more options you have to pursue your interest in a different light. If it’s too difficult/boring then pursue the matter with a fresh route.

Also change your outlook! We need to learn that every problem has it’s difficulty level. We can’t hold on to, I can’t do it, it’s too difficult! That thought itself will not let you progress! You can assess our weakness and you can change it to count as a strength. Evaluate and break the problem down. Think of the problem as a jigsaw puzzle. Try to visualize the subject. Similarly, surround yourself with people who are passionate about the subject. This will help you gain a diverse perspective towards the matter and consider why others enjoy the topic of interest.

Let’s all read, share and learn…




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