We like Negativity Over Positivity ?

Hello World,

Do we? I mean if I pose a question and ask your choice between hearing a general negative news over a positive one, I hope your answer is the latter. Most of you would claim you prefer positive news over the negative, that’s a given! But really, when a news channel casts positive vs. negative news which one do we focus on more? Negative!

Media… “If it Bleeds, It leads”  

Not my fault if all they show on news are Negative!  Very true, it’s not our fault as negativity is being broadcasted to us but at the end of the day it all comes down to marketing. Why is negativity being presented to us? It must sell! Why are the news presented as “development on the breaking news” with more negativity attached rather than, “progress on the situation”.  The progress is not highlighted as is the negative part of the situation. Face it, we don’t really care about the slow progress on the cover story. Slow progress means it’s fixing itself and everything is happy and boring again. We like to know how much danger and controversy a story involves.

People keep watching news channels based on controversy and negativity. Yes, I agree it’s not constant negative news however approximately only one out five news presented is positive. Is it because negative is more exciting and thrilling? News channels make us replace the word Negative in our mind with the word Threat . Therefore we believe we need to know about these threats and keep watching. We want to stay aware of these threats and protect ourselves. Controversy in our mind positions itself as entertainment.  We need to be aware of these controversies for a good lunch conversation at work tomorrow. We view Happy news as inessential, it’s a helping us in anyway!


Do you remember the last time someone criticized you? Oh I can tell you, I for sure remember all the criticism I ever received very vividly! But can I also tell you all the positives that were listed along with the criticism? Probably not, I didn’t care to remember and focus on that because the criticism took over. Criticism is tagged to the word negative in our mind. Criticism automatically translates into, you are a bad performer and you need improvement, which then means you are weak- all in our hardworking brain!

All the managers know what a Criticism Sandwich is. This is a method used in business when a superior is providing a constructive criticism by sharing some positive points in the beginning then the heavy criticism and ending with some positives again. Although, the best practice to provide criticism is by starting with the criticism and ending with a lot of positives. Even if number of positive situations over powers that one negative, you still focus on that one negative with all your heart. Why is that? We use two different side of the brain to route positivity and negativity. Negativity takes longer to process and lengthier time to think through. That’s the reason why when we are asked to look back at a negative instance, it’s often more clear to visualize and define once again. Positivity fades in our mind somewhere!

Bring Positivity Back!

Negative is always there but that doesn’t mean we can’t turn into a positive. Negativity is also needed as positive is because it provides a balance in our lives and we learn and grow from it. We need to be mindful of the negativity to beware of threats and danger that surround us. But we can’t let it take over and that’s the reason we should practice affirmation! Read more, it will help you develop new perceptions and different ways of approaching a solution. Keep a gratitude diary and list three positive things that occur daily in your life. This will work as a reminder of the positivity that surrounds you.

Stay Positive!




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