Why do you Follow others?

Hello World,

All my marketing experts and influencers understand how to get their target audience to respond and follow them. But do you know why you follow the people, products and organizations you do? Have you ever wondered why they appeal to you so much? You love what they stand for, you like what they do and share. You end up being a part of a crowd who also follows along with you. But do you ever follow because you see a growing number of followers, “400K” for instance and just for the crowd?


Face it, we follow because we like to be part of the crowd! We like to be part of what’s popular and the “400K” number. Did you know Gillette and Tide are still the number one popular brand in the market of razor and detergent for 50 years? We choose these brands simply because we think the crowed uses the same brand. Yes, we leave our judgement on the crowd, if more people are using it then it must be good.

We also like to be part of be a crowd because in reality we don’t like being singled out. If we are not part of a group then we have to face things alone. If we are not part of the group then we are afraid of being judged. No one wants to be judged by a group. That’s where bullies and peer pressure also stems from. In old saying, rather be part of a herd and not get attacked by other dangerous animals such as a the lion. A lion walks alone and hunts and plays as the bully.


We also follow because we relate. Have you ever wondered why meme’s are so popular? They are simple pictures of funny events you can relate to on a  daily basis or a “Aha” moment. But then there is also transference. We follow certain leaders because we subconsciously see our childhood guardian in them. That explains the reason a lot of woman choose their life partners with similar personality traits as their father. You want to be led by people you feel can protect you.

Transference is interesting! Often it is seen that woman leaders have less followers than of the man, because a mother is not seen as the primary leader or the head of the household. They are a figure who loves you no matter what and also are the first person who would say no! This information originates back when you are choosing your present leaders. You end up using transference subconsciously with your immediate boss, VP, mentor, and people you choose as leaders.

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  1. Davina "Dee" Lyons

    I agree with your post. I notice that I tend to attract more to unique or outlandish people and scenarios. I subconsciously admire rebels and strong people in general – that’s my father for sure!🤔😳😊


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