Emotional Burn Out & Exhaustion

Hello World,

So tell me, you haven’t been sleeping properly? You are stressed about something? You are going through a breakup or loss of someone very important in your life. Or the number one reason of burn out, your work just sucks! You are over worked, you put in number of hours and merit but you are still unrecognized and undervalued. The world just curls up around you, you feel unsuccessful and helpless because you can’t change your situation. Many of us have been in that emotional state where everything feels unbearable and a lack of motivation and more of pessimism takes over.


You are burnt out when you don’t get enough sleep. Lack of sleep makes you lose concentration and leads you to fall behind on material you need to focus on. This makes you believe you are unsuccessful since you are behind on not just one but all of your goals and day to day life. It also creates an imbalance in emotions. You are over tired, over worked, plus that caffeine isn’t helping!

There is no clarity! You can’t even define your current position now because there is a hell lot more that you do then what your current job title states. Despite the title you have no authority or control over the work you do. It’s a stressful work environment with unclear and over demanding job expectations. You are always under stress and you have to meet targets constantly.

Why isn’t the recognition there? You are putting in more than 80 hours per week to do the same monotonous job every single day of your life. It’s not challenging you. It was fun when you started but where is this leading to after year of the same thing? There is no training for growth, no growth opportunity. You are not learning something new.  You are not even getting paid as much as your worth.


You know what a Type A personality is? You are competitive, outgoing, ambitious, impatient/aggressive. You are a perfectionist, therefore nothing is ever good enough. You are always striving to achieve. You need to be in control and you are hesitant to delegate. Type A personalities are buried in responsibilities, which means no social life. There is an absence of close supportive relationships in their lives. When have you take on too many responsibilities, and don’t trust others to do the work, that’s when you crash!

There are also the ones that are overly negative! You don’t have hope and faith in yourself and the future. Therefore you lack motivation because what is the point? You will lose everything anyways! NEGATIVE! Emotional Exhaustion can be quite chronic and turn into depression if you don’t take remedies to depart from it.

Dealing with it…

Find out why you are feeling overwhelmed and stress? What is the root cause? Many of us can’t answer that in one shot because there are many root causes, list all of them. If you feel undervalued, you need to work towards things that will build value. Work towards a certification, or go back to school to earn the skills to increase your value. Learn to delegate, you can’t do it on your own and let me tell you no one can! Getting help is not a sign of weakness. Change your views and perspective, there is always a solution no matter what! Keep your close ones close. Go out meet new people and get new perspective by talking to others. Find a release, read books, paint, swim, join a community club, give back to the community etc. Practice relaxation, meditate, breathing techniques and exercise. Maintain a proper diet, let go of the caffeine and alcohol for a bit. RELAX and catch up on that SLEEP!

Relax, Rest, Reflect and Release! 




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