Why you need a Mentor …

Hello World,

Have you ever been standstill in life?  Despite having an idea of the end goal, you simply did not know what the next step will be to attain that result. You wished someone was there to guide you along the way. A guide who can break things down one step at a time by evaluating your situation.  Someone who has expertise in the area and tricks and tips for reaching your end results. A mentor perhaps?!

Why you don’t get a Mentor …

We are silly! We think we can do it ourselves. Sure, I have full faith in you, you most likely can achieve any goal in life with the correct drive! However, let’s put the ego in our side pocket for a bit and think of ways to advance avoiding obstacles and delays. We often don’t like asking for help because we think asking might make us appear weak or unintelligent. Not true! How will you learn and improve you don’t ASK?!

Maybe you are too shy to network outside your comfort zone. You have great networks but it’s limited to friend circle or the networks are not focussed on the area you want to succeed in. Maybe you are starting school, you feel that you will go along with the crowd and learn as you go. You are a new graduate, lost about which direction your life is headed but things would just work out some how! You are starting up a business, you feel you can do it yourself! But let’s be real even Mark Zuckerberg had a mentor, Steve Jobs!

Benefits of a Mentor … 

Every entrepreneur has at least one mentor. Every business professional, student and job seeker should have a mentor. A mentor is an industry professional who has been there and done what you are trying to achieve right now. They have number of years of experience in the industry to provide imperative details on how to approach a solution to the problem you are facing. These professionals will not spoon feed you to your success. They will provide constructive feedback for you to improve. A good mentor cares about mentee’s achievements and supports them in maximizing growth. Plus, they are in it for the long run, it’s not a program you buy for a month. You build a rapport and friendship, though that’s not the objective.

The great news is that these professionals are not your direct boss. They are not here to judge you or get in the way of your growth for a work project. Mentors have approachable personalities which makes it easy for you to discuss on your problems or failures. Yes, if you chose to go ahead on your own then you would still gain success after many mistakes and failures. Your mentor, on the other hand, has already made these mistakes, therefore can help you prevent and avoid them. Avoiding pitfalls will minimize the time you would need to spend achieving your goals alone.

Foremost, mentors have great connection. Remember when I said they have been there and done that. Well I wasn’t joking because they have been there and done the networking for you! If you are just starting off, a mentor can recommend a network  you most likely DO NOT have easy access to. Those networks can be of definite support for your growth.

Who can be my Mentor?

The question is which field do you want to gain success in? Business, Parenting, Engineering, IT, Blogging, Cooking, Art, Performance, Marketing, Branding etc.. A mentor can be any industry professional in the field you are focussed in. They can be your professors, manager (not direct), writer, business professionals, etc.. Even books can be your mentor! Anyone who you look up to and want to be similar to in life. A good mentor would have sufficient amount of time for you. They would meet you over coffee, lunch, dinner once a month and keep in touch with you via phone/email. A good mentee would understand the mentor has a life too and not become dependant on them. The goal is to learn and not to become an obligation.

Let’s find a mentor today!







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