Vulnerability is Weakness – Believe this?

Hello World,

Do you think vulnerability is another word for weakness? Are you afraid to come across  vulnerable because it would make you feel inadequate, unaccepted, and  shame? What do you feel when you feel vulnerable, it’s a weird, uncomfortable feeling isn’t it? Some deny vulnerability as if it doesn’t happen to the them but truth be told, if you are that person than you are in denial! Everyone is vulnerable.

Why not to be Vulnerable…

Society embeds the idea of always being strong and powerful. Men have to masculine, woman have to be emotionally strong. We can’t be weak and vulnerable. But weak is Not vulnerable! Is love weakness? Being in love has all sort of risks and uncertainty in it’s way, does that mean you put up a wall and stop loving? No! You have to embrace it.

If you don’t embrace your fear you will never understand your fear. You will never over come it. You will never learn why you have the fear to begin with.  Why do you feel inadequate? Is it an imposter syndrome? Do you feel you are just not good enough?  You have to put yourself in that uncomfortable situation to learn more about yourself. If you don’t then you will never reach your Zen!

Fear is just a word, it disappears slowly once you keep facing it. Failure, breakups, death, mishaps, natural disasters, unavoidable circumstances are such are inevitable. You need to learn that with your soul. These things happen, no way avoiding them. Don’t try! Putting that wall up to cover your vulnerability and fear will not help you, it will only keep you behind everyone else in line. You don’t want that! You want to live wholeheartedly. You want to live with peace and mindfulness.

Sharing in a Relationship  

Reasons you don’t share your deep dark secrets are because you are afraid of being judged. Studies show that men hold back quite a lot from their partner and only share up till what they believe their partner can handle. However studies also indicate the more you share your vulnerable side with your partner, the more attraction builds hence the relationship becomes stronger.

People who are vulnerable make the greatest leaders. Trust me! If you know your flaws, and care to share them then you are more human and people will relate. People like people who they can relate to, number one point of Law of Attraction!  It’s hard to keep up a wall up for 24/7 round the clock. There will be a time you will break and push very significant people away from your life only because you jump to conclusions. You think the people in your life will not accept you for who you are.

Everyone is vulnerable, if you open up then the mass will respond in a positive way and relate. If you keep it bottled in then you are only toxic to yourself. Let it out, being vulnerable is beautiful and strong! Learn about yourself. Ask why you feel certain emotions and why you feel the way you do.

No one is Judging!
















































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