Hate Gym But Still Want to be in Shape

Hello World,

Hate the gym? I was there once, I can relate to why you feel such a way. I didn’t understand the purpose of going to the gym. I felt like it’s a waste of time going somewhere and doing something useless. Plus I didn’t see any results. To sum it up, I enjoy going somewhere which wasn’t giving me any results. However that’s just one reason added to the list of reasons (excuses) people have for not going to the gym, unless for medical reasons which clearly cannot be identified as an excuse.


No time, right? Come on, you wake up, you go to work, you run your own business, you have school projects, you have a family to support, you do laundry, you cook, you clean. I mean you barely have any time for yourself.  You feel to achieve a certain body type you have dedicate X amount of time, days, years and that commitment scares. Plus, it’s way too expensive, $60/month? Nope, rather eat that red velvet cupcake!


Perhaps it’s the interaction at the gym that bothers you. You just hate the awkwardness of walking in a room full of people who are in better shape and know exactly what they are doing to achieve their stunner body. That weight lifting room cramped with muscles and abs, you don’t belong there, do you? Or maybe you never see results and don’t understand how others achieve the look much faster than you. Those Instagram models I tell you, must do nothing all day but exercise or they are blessed with amazing genes!

Is it because you have had a  past experience working out which led to failure or injury? You feel if you try again it will lead to the same outcome? You feel you lack motivation. Going to the gym almost feels as a force, like you don’t want to do it, it’s not fun! End of the day, you are lying to yourself and these are just excuses!

Benefits of Starting…

A lot of people think exercising means losing weight and becoming slim. Why do you want to be slim? Because the models are slim, clothes look nicer, you feel more attractive, you believe what marketing and media portrays beauty to be, etc. But other than that we forget that it gives you Energy, makes you Healthier for burning fat and releasing toxins, makes you Happy and Stress free as you are releasing Endorphins, improves your Longevity, builds Strength, avoids ton of Health Issues. It also boosts your confidence which than leads you feeling attractiveold-man-longevity.

If you are avoiding the gym because you are intimidated by others who know more and look better than how you currently feel about your appearance then  guess what? I am sure those hot bods were at the same spot as you. If you ask what they looked like 3 years ago they would tell you they had a body similar to your current figure. They had to start somewhere for a change occur. They were determined to make that change to their body. Starting isn’t the problem, sticking to the plan without getting disheartened is. My Motto, if you don’t practice you will not get results. You will never wake up having 6 packs just by working out one day, it isn’t easy, and no one said it will be. But you can work towards your goal every day.

When getting started it is suggested to exercise 30 minutes everyday, 45 minutes if you are adding weight lifting to your cardio. But no! If you truly believe you don’t have time, put in 5 to 10 minutes per day, that is all! It’s all about building a habit towards a healthier lifestyle. Once you start a habit you have to comply with it every day, almost like brushing your teeth.

Define your goal…  

Define your goal, do you want to lose weight, then where in your body would you like to lose weight? Do you want to gain weight, then where? Do you want appear lean over all, or do you want to bulk up around your shoulders and biceps? What is the goal? What will it take for you to reach that goal. Exercising obviously comes with diet. You can’t say I work out every day but I don’t have abs, hmm but what do you eat? If you eat unhealthy then you are just balancing out what you worked towards.

Don’t have to Choose to Gym… 

If you really feel congested at the gym and you don’t want to achieve a certain look, then don’t go! Don’t do something you do enjoy. Building strength isn’t limited to just gym. You can work out at home. You can take a jog or simply walk every day. There are several sports clubs and leagues, rock climbing, dancing, circus training, aerial yoga, kick boxing, the list is endless.  The main point is you have to give your body movement everyday for it to be healthy in the long run.

Remember you have to keep moving!





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