Adidas Ultra Boost and NMD’s SOLD OUT!

Hello World,

All my sneaker heads have the answer to this already! Why we can’t get a hold of a pair of Ultra Boost Uncaged or NMD R1’s in the size and color that we like. When you are online shopping please search these two items, I have to warn you though, you will always find these two words beside in bold, SOLD OUT! But what creates such a high demand for these sneakers? For any non-sneaker enthusiast the Ultra Boost and the NMD’s are just normal looking pair of running shoes. However, there is more to these two beasts…

Kanye West…

Yes, I know you may dislike him for what he represents and stands for, yet you don’t dislike his branding. He was seen wearing the Ultra Boots at various occasions and performances.


Kanye created a demand for these shoes to go out of stock before you can even view them placed pretty on a store display. Love or Hate, he sure knows how to influence.  There are 280,000 pair of Yeezys present in this world, he sold 20,000 pairs per minute. Since you can’t get a hold of Yeezys, what’s next on your list? Ultra Boosts and NMD’s!  

NASA Technology

Ultra Boost’s and NMD’s are known for their midsoles. Most runners are made out of EVA – Ethylene-Vinyle Acelete.


However, your favorite Boost soles uses TPU  – Thermoplastic Polyurethane to create 3000 energy capsules. This allows 20 percent return of energy with each step , more than any other trainer soles. The sole remains in the same state even with temperature changes, which means your performance also remains the same. The Boost technology was achieved using Aramis Analytical Kit, which is also used by NASA, Boeing, Audi, etc. It allows your foot to have utmost freedom while on the move, avoiding friction and injuries. The upper PrimeKnit is designed for more fit and breathability for your foot. Also, it last very long without loosing bounce.

Adidas Trending…

If you are in Marketing you very well know that it’s not what is different that sells, but it’s what is relatable and improved. Let me tell you something, Adidas knows how to this very well! Adidas came up with these pair of SOLD OUT items because you created them. You may know Adidas let’s you customize your own shoes. Adidas picked up a pattern of what, which and how a shoe was being customized by consumers. They saw a demand and they build their own. They gave you a sneakers that you created. Now you don’t have to wait and customize, you can just buy them! They also created a demand by producing limited volumes for these sneakers.


As a non-sneaker head, I don’t find much of a difference between the Ultra Boost or the NMD’s appearance. The Ultra Boosts are made for performance and training while NMD has the same sort of feel with a purpose of casual walks on the street. They come in many editions and color schemes. I feel the uncaged versions add a bit more of the minimalist look than the caged, though it completely depends on your preference of what you like.  For me, I really love the Ultra Boost Triple Black Uncaged.

So let’s find a pair that fits!

Thank you,







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