Intimidation equals Low Self Esteem

Hello World,

When was the last time you were at place where there was someone very intimidating? Someone who was over powering the room with their presence and confidence. But  have you ever self assessed why you were intimidated? Why your legs were shaking and you thought you can’t possibly approach them? Perhaps because you felt like you couldn’t speak to their knowledge. You don’t belong at the same space as them. They way look and carry themselves and the aura they bring overrides the surroundings. Maybe you thought they will judge your criticize you for your what you lack.

You Don’t Belong!

Yes you do! You are just insecure. When ever we walk into our bosses office we are insecure of their superiority. We are afraid of the police because they have authority and control. Have you ever thought of all the questions you would want to ask a celebrity whom you idolize? But I wonder if you would ever ask them if your idol was stuck in the same elevator together. Probably not, because they have a lot more than you such as, fame, money, confidence, and attitude. Did you ever attempt to tell your high school crush you liked them? Or maybe they were too cool to approach or you didn’t know if they would accept you.

Don’t Grant Permission…

I am sure you feel since you are the one insecure you are egoless and the other person is the one with the ego. But insecurity is tied to ego as well as arrogance. When you are with someone superior, you feel and look up to them in a certain way which diminishes your confidence. You give permission to be intimidated when they are clearly not. You have to realize, if you are in a room full of authorities, you are there because you belong. You earned it. You might not have the same credentials as them but you earned your spot.  You just need to work on your confidence and social skills. To build confidence and social skills you should get out of your comfort zone and start speaking to different people with different backgrounds and personalities. Confidence is always tagged with knowledge hence, read, read, read, write, write, write!

Know your Value…  

You don’t have to fit in! You don’t have to be someone else so they don’t judge you. Know your value. We usually start comparing ourselves with the one we are intimidated of. We start thinking of our short falls against their achievements. But you have value, you are just afraid of not receiving acceptance. When we get rejected, we feel low but why is that? Because we know we have Value!

Learn to be yourself, own your own experiences! Stop being afraid of being judged. Remember these intimidating people need to eat, sleep and breathe to survive just like you! They are not different from you. Stop thinking you don’t belong in the same space as them. Approach everyone with love and care. Fix your posture and stand tall!

Remember, you don’t have to give up your power by thinking you don’t have any!







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